Friday, 28 December 2007

Favourite Foto Friday #12

This is Brenda at the gingerbread house on Christmas Day. We usually take a picture of her inside, but this year I told her she would be too big. But she was determined to fit in and she did! Dont think she will next year though!

Thursday, 27 December 2007


Cant believe that Christmas has come and gone. We had a lovely time, apart from a bit of a fight with my sister on Christmas Day and a lot of hurtful things were said. Anyway, she has now gone back to Johburg, and hopefully will cool off up there! Christmas Eve we went to a Christmas Party at Ravella's folks house, which was great. Lots of people, good food, wine and friendship. The kids all had a ball. It was lovely too for brenda to experience that as she doesnt get to do it often being an only child. Christmas Day Brenda woke me up at 4:50am, so after getting to bed at midnight, I was exhausted. But I guess all the excitement and fun carries you through, although I did have a nap in the afternoon. We went out to lunch as usual, and had a good time. It always makes me feel sad the next day as you have such a build up to Christmas and then it is over in 1 day! Yesterday Brenda and I went shopping, and then I worked last night. TOday Brenda is swimming across the road, so we are just relaxing here, although I do have to pop out in a bit to get some stuff.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Favourite Foto Friday no 11

This is the first photo I have taken with my new digital camera, so it has to be my favourite. Can't wait to be off, so I can practice and play with it!
I cant believe that it is a whole week since I have updated this site. Just been really busy, with work and Christmas Shopping. Basically I think I am done, now it is on to the wrapping! Just got to get something for Brenda to give to Dayle and then I am done. Am working the whole weekend and then next week am only working Wednesday night, so at least I am basically off the whole week, which is the first time in quite a few years, so I am quite excited. Hoping to take Brenda to see Aladdin at the Playhouse, just got to work out when!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Favourite Foto Friday no11

This is a photo of Brenda taken today at Gateway. I think it is so special because I am sure this will be one of the last years that she really believes in Father Christmas. She is already starting to question how it is possible but still believes. I really don't want her to lose her innocence and naievity, but know that it is inevitable. But for now, I am just trying to enjoy the last few years of it!

Very disorganised once again

Once again I am really disorganised at this time of year. Oh for the years when Brenda was little when I had everything organised before the end of November! Now I am always doing things at the last moment. I still havent even sent all my Christmas Cards yet. Had a really busy week this week. Went to dinner with Kirsten after work on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday night went to our homegroup dinner which was really nice. The kids were all jumping off the roof into the swimming pool, which caused me to have a few heart attacks, but fortunately they all survived it. Wednesday I worked in NICU for the day, which was a lovely change from Paeds. Nice and quiet and peaceful.
Today we went to Gateway with Gill, her aunt and uncle, cousin Nicola, Megan, Jonathan and Nicolas 2 kids, so it was a bit chaotic, but lots of fun. Brenda had her photo taken with Father Christmas, and then we came home. Tried Carols by Candlelight tonight, but once again it was raining, so went out to supper instead. NOw I am feeling quite exhausted and plan an early night!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Twelve days of Christmas

For the twelve days of Christmas, your true love will send you:

Twelve babies drumming
Eleven christmas trees a-twinkling
Ten elves a-leaping
Nine ladies knitting
Eight alpacas a-milking
Seven gingerbread men a-crumbling
Six puppies a-barking
Five golden bowls of chicken noodle soup
Four calling telemarketers
Three French chefs bearing escargot
Two stale fruit cakes
And a crazy homeless person in an apple tree

Busy, Busy, Busy

This is turning into quite a busy couple of weeks, and I still havent got any further with my Christmas Shopping. Worked all weekend, and had the ward christmas party on Saturday night. We discharged a lot of patients, so spent a quiet weekend there. Hope it continues. Today I did a page in my journal, then we went and took all the dogs for their rabies injections.With all our dogs and their hate of each other, that is quite a procedure as they had to be taken in different cars, and kept seperate from each other. Brenda and I then went out to lunch, and then went to Aquarobics in teh evening. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday I am working, going out for supper tomorrow night, and then Wednesday night have a braai. Friday night will go to Carols by Candlelight, and then working OT on Saturday night. So have a really full week coming up! Hope I get through it without going mad.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Favourite Foto Friday no 10

This weeks photo is also from Brendas trip to Mauritius in April. Been really busy this week between work and Christmas shopping and not had a chance to upload any new ones. Had a great birthday yesterday, although it rained for most of the day. Went out to breakfast and out to lunch, and then went to the Carols by Candlelight at St. Thomas's church in the evening, which was lovely. Got our ward christmas party tomorrow night. We were supposed to go to Spur, but now going to Dros instead. I just hope we manage to get off early!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

First day off

Today is my first day off in the school holidays, and I have so many things to do. Not having much luck in actually getting going either, as Brenda is now actually making scrambled eggs! So who knows when we will get started! Had a really busy 2 days at work as well, so really dont want to be running around all day either. Done day 1 and 2 of the journal, and am halfway through day 3, still got day 4 to do though. Hoped to do it quicklyin the evenings, but was so tired on Monday night, and then last night Brenda and I went to Gateway, so never did it. Will have to try and be more organised from now on.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Christmas Journal Day 1-not done

Unfortunately didnt get to do mine today, but going in a minute to see if I can get something started. Will definitely finish it tomorrow though.Had a really busy day at work, as well as a resusc, so not really feeling like doing anything now.
Hospital party last night was quite good, there were a fair amount of people there. Most people did dress up in some way. The food was lovely, the music was good, and everyone had a good time. I am glad that I went after all. Now just got to get through next weeks one and then all the parties are over. Still got to do all my Christmas Shopping though. Did get some good news about our increase at work, but not going to hold my breath!

Friday, 30 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday #9

First Foto is of Brendas first day at this school in January 2004 and the other is today, her last day at this school. Look at the difference! Can't believe how much she has grown.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Last week of school

Today was the start of Brenda's last week at LLJP. It is the last time she will wear her PE kit. I think she was quite sad when she got dressed this morning, as she kept saying I hope this week takes a long time. My baby is growing up!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

Can't believe that it is Friday again. It is amazing how the weeks have just flown! Once you hit October the time just seems to go by so quickly, and the year is over before you know it.
This is a photo of Brenda on Monday at the Grade 3 Farewell after she had got her certificates. This was a week of Farewells as they had Grade 3 Farewell on Tuesday and then a Farewell assembly today for the 3 teachers who are leaving at the end of the year. We also had a tea at school today for all the moms who help out at the school. It was quite wierd to be there knowing that it was probably the last time I would see most of them. Went and bought Brendas new uniform yesterday, she just looked so grown up! Cant believe she will be 10 in 6 weeks!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Dentist and farewell!

Had a really busy few days. Weekend was very busy, Saturday poured with rain most of the day. We went shopping in the morning, and then Brenda went to Sarah's party in the afternoon. On Sunday we went to church, then went to the Cat and dog exhibition which was lovely, but very full. Went to Spur for lunch on the way home, and by that time I was exhausted! Yesterday was also busy at work, mainly due to lack of trained staff once again! Today I took Brenda to the dentist in the afternoon. She had to have her first filling, and she was so good. I was really proud of her, she didnt cry or complain once! Went to a new dentist as the old one has retired, and she was very sweet and explained everything to Brenda and really made it a nice experience. If you can call a filling a nice experience!
This evening was the Grade 3 Farewell at school. It went off very well, and the kids all did so well. The only bad part was some woman about 3 rows in front of us, who kept standing up and taking photos for most of the songs, so no one else could see anything. I really wished someone behind her would tell her to sit down. If she is so desperate to take hundreds of pics she should stand at the side! What makes her think she has the right to block half the halls view! Anyway, I was very proud of Brenda as their was a timew hen I wondered if she would ever leave this school! Or even if she would ever learn to read or write. But she has really persevered and is doing so well, so I am really proud of her. I will admit to being very close to tears at a couple of points! Only 1 more week of school to go and I still have to sort out teachers presents etc. Not sure how I am going to do it! At least it is payday on Friday and I can go shopping in the afternoon after Kumon.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is a picture from April when Brenda went to Mauritius with my sister. It is a little dark, but I love it. It is so summery, and they look so happy together. Like they had a really lovely time together. Also it is one of only a few that I have of her time in Mauritius, so extra special!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

Late again with FFF, because I went to a party on Friday night. It was our church's birthday bash, and was lovely to see some of the people from my Alpha course again. After that we drove around looking for fireworks as it was Diwali, and then came home. Last night some idiot let off fireworks from 11:30 till 1am! So I didnt get any sleep at all, so planning on going to bed soon. Favourite photo from this week is Brenda at the Sharks Board on Sunday. She is touching the Shark that they dissected. Sorry, it is a bit gruesome. What made me laugh about this, is that when we went in January, she was happy to touch the Shark, but this time she was not keen at all, and really pulled her nose up at it. Obviously she is growing up a bit!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Good and bad news!

The good news is my car is fixed, the bad news is it cost R3000! They told me it may cost R8400 to fix so I guess R3000 is good news too! Some consolation. Had a quiet few days off, trying to save R8400. I made 7 Christmas card, and 1 birthday card yesterday and did a double layout for a challenge today. So I have been quite productive. Also been sorting out photos for Brenda to do a book for Mrs Wright for Christmas. She had better get a move on as there 22 days till the end of the school term! I hooked up with Viv on Facebook too, only to find that he is engaged. Nice that we were informed about it.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Shark Attack!

About a month ago I won free tickets for 4 people to the Sharks Board. Haven't had a chance to use them until today. Went with Brenda, mom and dad. Weather was great fortunately as it has been a bit unreliable over the last few days. They have an excellent video presentation first, and then do the shark dissection, which is a bit gruesome! They are really quite amazing animals, even if they get such a bad press all the time. But all in all had a nice time. After that we went to the Wimpy for supper.

Did the weekly challenge on UKS. It took me ages and was really quite difficult to do the mosaicing, but I am pleased with the end result. Even the bits that Brenda helped with, lol.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Busy day!

Have had 2 very busy days. Yesterday I went to library at school, then went and had breakfast with Shirley at the Mall. After that I went to Andrea's and had tea there. Went to fetch Brenda, took her to Kumon and then to Taylin's for cycling. She always enjoys the cycling so much and has such fun. On the way home, my car overheated and started leaking water. I eventually had to get it towed to Kempster Ford, so am still waiting to hear how much it will cost. Hope it is not too much. Was supposed to go and visit Nancy today at Alberlito, but that put paid to that. After that we went to the Hyper, and then fetched Brenda from tennis. Today was another hectic day. Cricket at Crusaders from 7:30 to9:30, then Nicolas party from 10-12, then Sukhmani's party from 12:15 to 5! Brenda I think is absolutely exhausted now. I hope she goes to sleep early! Got church tomorrow, and then hope to go to the Sharks Board in the afternoon.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is my favourite foto for the week. Brenda and some of the other kids in our street getting ready to go trick or treating! Halloween is not really big in South Africa, and this is the first year that they have done it in our road. So the kids were really excited. I missed the beginning because of work, but got home to find them at the bottom of the road, and walked home with them. I was really worried that noone would give them anything, but they all got given loads of sweets. Brenda went as a witch. I wanted to paint her face green, but she refused outright as she said that she was a good witch. In the end I found out that she was supposed to be Hermine from Harry Potter. She woke up yesterday and told me that she wanted to go again last night! Got a busy day tomorrow, as Brenda has a school cricket match in the morning, then off to Nicolas party, and then off to the movies after that, so should be ready to collapse by the evening. My car broke down on the way home this afternoon and had to be towed to the garage. I just hope it doesnt cost too much!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Favourite Foto Friday er Monday

Never got around to it this Friday as I was out on Friday night, so here it is. This is not a family pic, but definitely a photo that all South Africans have seen in the last week. John Smit with the world cup trophy.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

update on week

Having a good week so far. Weekend was great too, but busy. On Saturday Brenda went to Taylin's birthday party. It was a music video party, basically these girls came to the house, dressed the kids up and then filmed them dancing etc. They then take this back home and turn it into a music video whichthey give back to the kids. The girls had and absolute ball and loved every minute of it. After taht we went to Spur, and then back to their house for the rugby, which of course the Springboks won, so I was a very happy bunny by the end of the night. On the way home from Spur, Brenda and another little girl who was in the car were hanging out the window screaming Lets go Bokke, Lets go! I told her she was acting drunk, lol.
On Sunday Brenda went to play with Siobhan so I had a free day, and mom and I went shopping.
Work was okay on Monday and Tuesday, but I found out a few things which really upset me, and now I think over the next few months I need to consider my future and where it lies. Tonight I went to my first meeting at my new home group. I have never been to a home group before, so it was quite scary, but I enjoyed it, so will be going back next week! Got no plans for tomorrow, but working the weekend. Need to get Brenda some sort of Halloween costume as Juliet Donkin and I are organising trick or treating on Halloween night! Brenda is thrilled as she has been nagging me since last year!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

We are the champions.......

of the world. I was thrilled last night to watch the boks become the new world champions! Lets go bokke lets go!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

First day back

Finally back to work, after being off with pink eye. If I look at it, I have only worked 4 days in the last month, what a pleasure. Unfortunately now it is back to the grindstone. Had quite a good day, although it was busy, but that makes the days go quick. Hope the next 2 days go just as quick!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Art Auction

Brenda's school had their art auction last night as a big fundraiser for the year. Each child did one piece of art which you could buy, and then each class did a large item which each child took part in. Over the last few weeks Brenda has been nagging me to buy her class item. I of course had to break it to her gently that there was no way I would be able to afford to bid against all the wealthy parents in the school! She then asked my sister who said: "Sure, I will come, sure I will buy the table cloth", all the while knowing she would be in Australia this weekend. Then the school came up with the idea of raffling the items, which I thought was just as bad a I never win anything on a raffle. Anyway, went off to the auction last night. Was not planning on staying long because I have not been well, but decided to wait until they did the raffles. I did take a few pics when I arrived so that I could have a record of what they had done. All the childrens art was lovely. They left the raffles for almost last, and ours was about the fourth one. I was so amazed as they pulled the number out, and she shouted out my name! I was so thrilled to have won it. It is such a lovely momento to have of the school, especially since it is her last year there. It is a huge tablecloth divided into squares and each child has drawn and painted an animal and their names are written underneath. Really lovely. Brenda was so excited when I fetched her from Taylin's to have won. Of course, I feel sad for the other kids, but so glad that I got it. A really, really, really good start for the weekend.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is not a photo from this week, but from many years ago when I was training. My mum found it is a box somewhere and brought it out to show me. The photos are all taken in the nurses res and are mainly of my group, although there are a few other people in there. It was amazing to look at the photos, and really brought back loads of good memories. It is wierd to look at how young and carefree we looked and how our lives have all changed since then. We all thought we were so grown up then though, lol. Sometimes it would be nice to turn back the clock though!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Scrappy weekend

Had a great weekend, kept really busy with the UKS Cyber crop. I did 2 classes which I finished, and then did another which I havent. Have never done so much scrapping in 1 weekend! Both were quite different to what I normally do, so it was quite a challenge. Godd thing though as I guess it inspires you to try new things. There are quite a few more classes which I would like to try. I have also joined Brenda as a junior scrapper, so she should enjoy that. Otherwise I also went to gym twice, and was good and did the circuit as well as my normal gym! Hopefully that will help with the weight loss. Work today was really quiet, so was quite enjoyable, and only 1 difficult mother, so that was good!

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Back to work

First day back after 2 weeks off wasnt too bad. Even the stock take was relatively pain free! Am expecting an explosion as I left a note for Debbie telling her I am going to one of the other wards for orientation for overtime on Tuesday. I told her that I wanted to do it, but she said she thought the ward would pick up, unfortunately I cant wait around for that. Obviously I would prefer to do my OT on the ward but need to do some so will have to go elsewhere if I cant do it there. Got nothing else planned for the next couple of days, so will just try and do more christmas cards.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is a picture of Brenda and my parents in our garden. On UKS there was a challenge to have a tea party. When Brenda saw that she decided that she wanted us to do one for my dad whose birthday is next month. Apart from buying the food I had very little input. She laid the table, set it all up, made my dad a card and the crown, and even set a trail of clues through the house for them to find us! My dad loved it, but dont know whether he would love his photo being posted on the internet in a cardboard crown he he!

Otherwise nothing has really happened here this week. Brenda came back yesterday and seems to have had a lovely time, and as usual been really spoiled. I am back to work again on Sunday, but at least the weather has improved for my last couple of days off! The other good thing that happened was that I won free tickets for 4 people for the Sharks Board show, so will be going within the next week hopefully!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Monday, 24 September 2007

National Braai Day!

As my dad said, God has a funny sense of humour! Today is officially Heritage Day, here in South Africa, and unofficially National Braai Day. Of course, it has been overcast and miserable all morning, and raining since lunchtime! So no sitting around the fire for us Durbanites. We did have a braai, but Dad did the cooking under the entrance to the front door! At least we tried. Not sure how many other people did.
Did a double layout yesterday and a single one today. This must be quite a record, have never done 2 in 2 days before! Also made 1 Christmas Card, but going to get on with them tomorrow I hope. Brenda seems to be having a good time, and was going off to the movies last I spoke to her.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Break up day!

Today Brendas school broke up for the October holidays. They are off now until 1 September. (a bit earlier this year) She flew up to Johannesburg this afternoon to spend a week with Dayle, comes back next Friday. I, unfortunately took the week off to spend with her, and now she wont be here. I guess it gives me some time to myself. But I will miss her. I cant believe that she only has one term left at this school. Today was the last time she will officially wear her winter uniform, although they do wear it later at the Grade 3 Farewell. They grow up so quickly, it is scary.

Here is a pic of the layout I did yesterday. Hoping to do lots of crafting this weekend, although I am always saying that!

Favourite photos friday!

I saw this on another blog and decided to bring it over here. I hope I remember each week though! This photo is not from this week, but since I have already posted some of all the pics I took this week, here isone from two weeks ago. This is Brenda at the spring day they had at school. They had to wear civvies and do something crazy with their hair. I was amazed at how the red hair made her eyes so blue!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Market Day

Market Day went off quite well today. After a frantic couple of days trying to prepare everything for it, I was very worried about the snowglobes, as they didnt seem so good. But they were sold out within the first 10 minutes! One broke, but we bought it home and fixed it, cos a little girl wanted to buy it anyway.

Brenda seemed to have a lovely time. Unfortunately it was a bit windy. The pics are a bit dark, but I am battling to change them so will just leave them like that.

This afternoon I did a layout for the UKS weekly challenge. Tried to take a pic, but it is a bit dark, so will have to do it again in the daylight. Got a day overtime tomorrow, so not looking forward to it, but it is Dr. Wesley's last day, so I feel I cant really cancel it! Brenda is going to Johburg on Friday and will be there for a week. It seems a bit of a waste since I have taken leave to spend the holidays with her, and now she wont be there. At least I will get some time to relax and be able to go out for coffee etc with friends. Got to go to gym too!

Sunday, 16 September 2007


Just noticed, the previous post was supposed to have a link to the website, and a pic, but somehow I missed that out, no idea where the website is now!
Had a great weekend at the Alpha Camp, it was really a good experience. I was quite worried about what it would be like, but it was much better than I thought it would be. Went to church this evening too, so I am getting quite good. I am off now for 2 weeks so going to get some time to relax. Still making snowglobes etc for the market day, but that will be over by Wednesday, and I can just chill!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Anne Elliot

:: A N N E ::
You are Anne Elliot of Persuasion! Let's face it, you're easily persuaded, especially when faced with choices that are or aren't 'the Elliot way.' But this doesn't mean that you don't have conviction. Actually, your sense of duty is overwhelming. And though you won't stick your neck out too often, you have learned to speak up when it counts. To boot, you know how to handle sticky situations. You love deeply and constantly.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Not much has been happening here, so have not been in to update. Worked MOnday and Tuesday. Today went shopping with mom looking for stuff for the snow globes, but couldnt find anything. Going to go to a cake decorating place tomorrow. Now Brenda tells me they are only going to do 2 things, so she wont be doing the other bits that she was going to do. A bit of a relief I must say, I just hope the cards sell, otherwise we will have them here for ages, lol. Tomorrow they are singing at the Botanic Gardens, so going to go and watch that, and then have book club in the evening.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Think I may have been mad

To agree to work two nights for Busi this weekend. Now it means I have no weekend off, and how I am going to manage to keep working until Tuesday I really dont know. At least the ward was quiet last night, so that is something. Anyway, at least after Tuesday, I am only working on Friday and then I have 2 weeks off so I will be able to recover. Brenda has Market Dayon 19th September at school, so she is trying to get some stuff made, although there seems to be mainly arguing between her and her partner as to what they are doing. She has gone off to Robyn's house now with some cards, and they are going to make cards, so not sure how that will turn out. It is so difficult, cos you want them to do well, but then you also dont want to take over, and some of the things she comew up with I just cringe inside, lol. Oh well, there is still a week or 2 to go.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

First challenge layout

Here is my first layout for a challenge on UKS. The challenge was a book title, something sparkly, something new, and lilac, pink or purple. So I managed to get the full 30 pts. This is the first time I have used black and white photos and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I will definitely be using them more often. I have never really liked black and white pics, but it was so much easier to find papers etc to go with it. I do still prefer colour pics though, as I think they are more expressive. I also tried to keep it very simple.
Otherwise not done much the last 2 days, just relaxed mainly yesterday. I did go to Aquarobics last night. The Monday night class seems to be quite tough and I was exhausted by the end of it, I suppose that is a good thing though. Not lookinf forward to the next few days as I am sure the ward is busy as ever. I am working Wednesday and Thursday and then probably Friday and Saturday night for Busi, so will be really busy over the next couple of days.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Joined a team

On UKS, now that should inspire me to get some scrapping done. I just hope that I can keep up with all the challenges! I am not always the fastest scrapper!
Brenda has gone off with Angelique. They went to Rugby this afternoon, and have now gone to Spur and is spending the night there. I am sure she is enjoying herself. She also went cycling again yesterday and to Seekers in the evening, so she has had a busy weekend so far. Of course, that means she hasnt done any homework, kumon etc!
I have had a busy weekend at work, and am thinking of looking for a new job for next year. I just cannot imagine myself working like this for very much longer, and I dont see it getting any better! But that is something to think about anyway, got no firm plans at this stage. Just trying to get through this weekend!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sports photos

Well,the hockey photos didnt turn out too bad, so some of them are further on here. I am surprised because normally I am not too good with action pics. Had a bad few days at work, once again I was the only sister and I am getting a bit fed up with it. Not only that, but I am supposed to do student assessments, audits and hygiene audit, as well as the work of 2 people. How they expect me to do all that I dont know. Anyway, enough of the moaning.

Once again the Alpha course last night was great. I am really enjoying it, and getting so much out of it. Only 2 weeks to go until our camp. I am looking forward to it, but a bit nervous. Not sure why.

I went to gym this morning, stayed there and had coffee afterwards, after that I went to the mall, and then ran into Shirley, so had a coke with her! Now going to try and make a card, and then got to go and fetch B and take her to the doctors for a rash she has. Anyway, here are some pics.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Supposed to be a crafty day

Finally got down to do some cards, but only managed to do 1, which is drying at the moment, I guess one is better than nothing. Did also help Brenda with some beading, which she seemed quite keen on, and managed very nicely. I will try and post my card tomorrow. The hockey tournament was good too yesterday, although the weather was miserable. Brendas team played quite well, although in one game she let 2 goals through in the first 5 minutes. Fortunately she seemed to wake up after that! They all enjoyed it though. I took some pics, but havent had a chance to download them and not sure how they will turn out, since I am not good at action shots. I did go to churchthis morning, which was good since it was my first time going since I started the Alpha course. Got work tomorrow, and not looking forward to it. I have a couple of assessments to do with the students, so I hope we have babies for that. I always find it a bit stressful to do these assessments as some of them are a bit dense, and I am petrified that one of them will drop the baby. Fortunately no one has yet, I guess I should give them more credit!

Friday, 24 August 2007


Phoned the AA today, and got the car sorted out, the fuse has gone, so he temporarily fixed it, and I have to get a new fuse, but at least it is going now. After that I went to the crescent and then Sharon came around this afternoon and had coffee with me. It was good to see her again. Brenda went to Taylin's this afternoon, and I fetched her from Seekers at 7pm. Gill is in the berg and sent me 2 pics of the snow, so I was quite jealous! Brenda would have loved that. Sharon was talking about maybe going away in October for a weekend, as it is her 40th birthday, so that should be fun, if I can get the money together. The story of my life!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

My poor car

Had a disaster with my car yesterday! I forgot to turn the lights off in the morning when I parked it. Unfortunately the security guard never informed me, and neither did the person who sat with me at lunch and knew that my lights were on! Anyway, when I got to it in the evening it wouldnt start. I didnt have my phone with me, so I had to walk all the way back to the hospital and phone Dad. When he came he tried to jump start it, with no success, so he left it there, and then brought the battery home this morning to charge it. However, when he took moms battery up there, to try and bring the car home, it still wont start. So tomorrow I will have to try and get the AA in to fix it. I hope that it is okay, and doesnt cost me too much! In the meantime it is parked in the work car park, so at least I know it is fairly safe.
Had a busy day at work today, but at least it is over, and I am off for the weekend. I may work OT on Saturday night, but not sure about that. I am supposed to be meeting up with Sharon tomorrow night, but not sure about that if my car is not going. I guess it will save me some money. Got to go to church on Sunday too, as I havent been for a few weeks. brenda has a hockey tournament at school on Saturday too, so it could end up being a busy weekend.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Fantasy dream job

Something else I got from another site, what is your fantasy dream job? Well, mine is something that I always wanted to do when I was growing up. From the time I was 7 I wanted to be an archaelogist. I always wanted to learn about what had happened in the past, the more ancient the better. I was given an encyclopaedia of the bible, and used to spend hours pouring over the pictures and stories of what life was like in those days. I was fascinated by ancient Egypt, and mummies. There is a mummy in Durban Museum and that used to be my favourite part of the museum (still is, in fact) History was always my favourite subject at school. I used to fantasize about being out in the desert somewhere digging up ancient treasures. I was also fascinated by the story of Pompey, and used to love looking at my mums photos of when she visited. I am not sure what made me turn away from it, and go into nursing instead. Well, I know why I chose nursing but not what made me turn away from archaeology. Knowing what I know now I would definitely go for it. I am not unhappy with the way that my life turned out, and especially the fact that if I hadnt gone nursing I would have missed out on some wonderful friends, and most especially would probably never have had Brenda! I wouldnt miss out on her for the world. But, there is a part of me that will always wish that I had followed my dreams! As for whether I would take it up now, I would love to, but for now I dont think it would be practical. Brenda would have to give up school and go to work, lol, if I did that. Who knows, maybe I will win the lottery and start travelling all the digs in the world.............

Thursday, 16 August 2007


I finally managed to complete another layout yesterday. I wanted to do one of Brenda in the rainbow group, but couldnt find the photos so I ended up printing one done on Sunday and using that. Then I made a big mistake and so had to add another 2 pics to cover it up! So, I am not really sure if I like it or not. Anyway, here it is. Otherwise I havent really done anything for the last 2 days. Wrote a couple of letters yesterday and read a bit. Brenda has a safari day at school tomorrow, and has to dress up as an animal! I am still not sure what I am going to do about that. I have been more worried about finding her tent which I eventually found up in the attic in a box. It really stinks, so is outside now being aired out. I just hope after this that the two girls who are supposed to bring the snacks do!I asked Brenda why she didnt just volunteer to bring snacks, she said they got in first and told her she had to bring the tent!
Tonight is my bookclub, and I am going to try and go to aquarobics first. Not really feeling too well though, as I woke up with a sore throat this morning, so I will have to see how I am feeling.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New challenge

Went to the Alpha course last night, and the talk was on reading your bible. Anyway, I got to thinking. How come I can read other books all day, and yet I battle to spend time reading my bible! So, if I can undertake to read the 101 books list, I can also undertake to read the bible. So, starting from the New Testament I plan to read through the Bible. I started off last night.

Otherwise, had another 2 very bad days at work, so plan on just relaxing for the next 2 days.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

101 books to read before I die

Hopefully it wont be soon, but I have decided to start reading the 101 books to read before I die list from Exclusive Books. I have already read 27 of them, so will start with the others. I think I am more interested in doing that then watching the movies, lol. So we will have to see how I go.

Worked last night, and my finger was really sore. Colin gave me a script for some antibiotics, which I have started today, hopefully it starts to improve soon. Went to the rustic market for lunch today, otherwise done nothing today, and just planning on rleaxing for the rest of the day.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Hobby X

You know what it is like when you look forward to something for so long, and then it isnt as good as you thought it would be? Well, that is what today was like. First of all, just as we were getting ready to leave, Leo and Dudley had a huge fight, and it took mom, dad and me to seperate them! So we are all in the wars. The 2 dogs are fine, but dad was cut on his hand and lip. I have a huge bruise inside my arm, and cuts on my fingers. Mom has hurt her knee and wrist, and Brenda has scratches on her hand! So that was not a good start! The show itself was also a bit disapointing. They didnt have nearly as many scrapbooking and papercraft stores as usual. I did get a few bargains, but didnt get my H20's that I wanted. Anyway, I did get some lovely paper flowers, and brads, so that was good, as well as a nice punch. Will have a try with it all tomorrow.

Am I sad or what?

I saw this on another blog:
It’s been said that allegedly if you’ve seen over 85 movies you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, go to your own blog, paste it in and put x’s by the ones that you have seen. Add them up........if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged! I've highlighted in red all the ones I've seen!

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean 2:
Dead Man’s Chest
Boondock Saints
Fight Club
Starsky and Hutch
Neverending Story
Blazing Saddles
The Princess Bride
Napoleon Dynamite
Saw II
White Noise
White Oleander
Anger Management
50 First Dates
The Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries 2:
Royal Engagement
Scream 2
Scream 3
Scary Movie
Scary Movie 2
Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4
American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding
American Pie Band Camp
Harry Potter 1
Harry Potter 2
Harry Potter 3
Harry Potter 4
Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 2
The Wedding Singer
Little Black Book
The Village
Lilo & Stitch
Finding Nemo
Finding Neverland
The Grinch
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
White Chicks
Butterfly Effect
13 Going on 30
I, Robot
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Universal Soldier
Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Along Came Polly
Deep Impact
Never Been Kissed
Meet The Parents
Meet the Fockers
Eight Crazy Nights
Joe Dirt
King Kong
A Cinderella Story
The Terminal
The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Passport to Paris
Dumb & Dumber
Dumber & Dumberer
Final Destination
Final Destination 2
Final Destination 3
The Ring
The Ring 2
Surviving Christmas
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
Practical Magic
Ghost Ship
From Hell
Secret Window
I Am Sam
The Whole Nine Yards
The Whole Ten Yards
The Day After Tomorrow
Child’s Play
Seed of Chucky
Bride of Chucky
Ten Things I Hate About You
Just Married
Nightmare on Elm Street
Sixteen Candles
Remember the Titans
Coach Carter
The Grudge
The Grudge 2
The Mask
Son Of The Mask
Bad Boys
Bad Boys 2
Joy Ride
Lucky Number Seven
Ocean’s Eleven
Ocean’s Twelve
Bourne Identity
Bourne Supremecy
Lone Star
Predator I
Predator II
The Fog
Ice Age
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
Curious George
Independence Day
A Bronx Tale
Darkness Falls
Children of the Corn
My Bosses Daughter
Maid in Manhattan
War of the WorldS
Rush Hour
Rush Hour 2
Best Bet
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
She’s All That
Calendar Girls
Mars Attacks
Event Horizon
Ever After
Wizard of Oz
Forrest Gump
Big Trouble in Little China
The Terminator
The Terminator 2
The Terminator 3
Spider-Man 2
Sky High
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers 2
Catch Me If You Can
The Little Mermaid
Freaky Friday
Reign of Fire
The Skulls
Cruel Intentions
Cruel Intentions 2
The Hot Chick
Shrek 2
Miracle on 34th street
Old School
The Notebook
Krippendorf’s Tribe
A Walk to Remember
Ice Castles
The 40-year-old Virgin
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Waiting for Guffman
House of 1000 Corpses
Devils Rejects
Mothman Prophecies
American History X
The Jacket
Kung Fu Hustle
Shaolin Soccer
Night Watch
Monsters Inc
Titanic (must be the only person not to have seen this)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Shaun Of the Dead
High Tension
Club Dread
Dawn Of the Dead
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
28 days later
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Mortal Kombat
Wolf Creek
Kingdom of Heaven
The Hills Have Eyes
I Spit on Your Grave
The Last House on the Left
Army of Darkness
Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
Ewoks: Caravan Of Courage
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor
The Matrix
The Matrix: Reloaded
The Matrix: Revolutions
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2
Team America: World Police
Red Dragon
Silence of the Lambs

I have only seen 48, so officially that means I am not sad, however in my case it should be how many have you heard of, lol. Havent even heard of most of those movies, so that does make me sad. Guess you cant win!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Passed the course

I am so glad that I managed to pass the course! So that is over for 2 years. We got a certificate and a card and everything! I am quite proud of myself. Work today was okay, and now I am off for the weekend. May be doing overtime on Saturday night though. I hope to go to gym on saturday morning. And do some scrapping. Otherwise got no plans, so hope to relax.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

First day

Of the course is over. Fortunately for me I managed to pass the test. Of the 8 of us on the course only 5 passed, so I am quite pleased about that. Today we did a lot of practising different scenarios, and tomorrow we are going to do our evaluations. I am quite worried about that. BUt at least having passed the test, I dont have to worry about rewriting. Went to the third session of the Alpha course tonight too. It is really an amazing course, and I am enjoying it so much. Otherwise, it is just 3 more sleeps to Hobby X!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Only one day

left until I do the course. I am going to spend the whole of today studying for it, or I hope to anyway. I found out that Michelle is not running the course but is taking it with us, which is quite a blow. Anyway, I hope to be ready by then. Was going to go to gym with Shirley and Andrea, but now Andrea cant come and Shirley doesnt actually belong, so I will go to the Aqua class this afternoon. Havent been too bad with the diet this weekend, apart from Friday where I hardly ate anything!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Three days..........

Of Hell are over, thank goodness. I cant believe that we can have 2 such impossible days. Betweeen, the staff, the mums and management, I am not sure how I managed to survive! At least it is over now, but now I have to get down to some serious studying. Brenda came up to the hospital today and had her cast removed. I am glad it is finally over, but the arm is a bit weak, and she is battling to write. I hope it improves soon as she has a project to do this weekend.
I got an email today from Alison at Scrapbook Junction to say that they are closing down in August. I am quite sad as that is my favourite shop, and she is such a lovely person and so friendly. She is having a 35% off sale for the rest of the month, so I hope to get there sometime and try and get some bargains.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Winter in Durban

Durban has to have one of the best winter climates in the world. Hard to believe that the entire weekend was hot and sunny! Some people dont even have that in summer. Even tonight when I came home from work, I didnt even wear a jersey. Not many places that have weather like that.
I worked Friday night, and then Saturday went and had lunch with Ilse, it was great to see her again, I havent seen her for about 2 months. In the afternoon I came home and finished off my next Scrapbook page. Yesterday we went to Timothy's birthday party at Mitchell Park. I havent been for ages, but it was a lovely day and the kids had a ball playing on the swings. After that it was gym, and then came home to study APLS. I got on quite well, but it was quite difficult as Brenda was sitting next to me doing her project, and she kept disturbing me. She has to hand it in on 6 AUgust, but has only done the rough. I am not sure when she is planning on doing it as I am working next weekend! Got my long week this week, I hope it is not too busy.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Just realised...

That it is Hobby-X in 2 weeks time. This is a craft show that is on every year in Durban. For some reason I thought that it was only in September. I will probably go on the Friday, so that it is hopefully not too busy. Brenda is off school that day too, so she can come. Last year they had some kids crafts that they could do while you wondered around. I am quite excited now, as there were quite a few things that I didnt buy last year and then have kicked myself the entire year about. So will definitely get them this year. Just have to have the money though :-)
Today I slept until about 1:30, then got up and went and got some paper for the new page I am doing. Mum told me that at CNA at the La Lucia Mall, they have the Memories Direct scrapbooking box for R99, marked down from R400, so I will go and look at it tomorrow. Working tomorrow night, and otherwise got no plans for the weekend.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Short day

Went to work today only to get sent home at 12:00 as Nandi is not coming, and the sister who was supposed to replace her cancelled. Came home, and sat out in the sun with the chicken. It had a lovely time, but I was quite cold. Since I bought it inside it has spent most of its time trying to fly out of the cage! Baby Bop was also outside with me, and she totally ignored it. I found out that Busi is going to do APLS with me as well as a lot of the UM's. Fortunately no doctors, lol. The nice thing about working tonight is that I get tomorrow. I got one of my student assessments done today. Getting through them slowly. I was hoping to do another, but will have to do it later in the month. Going to bed now, and then when I wake up, I hope to sort out some photos for my next page.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

new page

Had a peaceful day today. Spent most of the day at home, studying and scrapping. Did a page using a sketch from pencil lines, sketch no 41. I think it turned out quite nicely. It was nice to get on and do some scrapping, because for ages I have had no inspiration. The other thing that was good was that I didnt buy anything new for it, I did it using only stuff that I had in my stash. So, it did not really cost me anything! I also did quite a bit of studying for the course. I still need to do a lot more. The more I read the harder it seems, and I am starting to get a little bit worried! At least I have 10 days to learn in. So that is what I will be doing this weekend. Busi has asked me to work Friday night for her, so at least that is a bit more money coming through. Brenda is going ice-skating with Seekers on Friday. I was hoping to go with, but now I am working I wont be able to. I am about to go out to fetch Brenda and then take her to the library and try to get some info for her project. Tonight is the start of the Alpha course as well, so I need to get a move on. The weather has turned quite wintery, which is what it always does when I have any church functions at night! Hope it gets better for the weekend.


Back from the Alpha course, which was brilliant. We had supper first, then watched a video and then broke into groups. The video was brilliant, the guy was quite funny, and it had a lot of very interesting points. The group I was allocated to is great too, some very nice people. There is quite a wide age range, but that is nice too. I can really see that I am going to enjoy it, and hopefully will get a lot out of it.

Monday, 23 July 2007


Spent a lot of today trying to put a slide show onto this site. I finally managed, and then clicked the wrong thing, and deleted it. Anyway, as you can see it is now on here, finally! Otherwise had a quiet day. Brenda has got to do a project on Meerkats, so will be going to the library to try and get some information tomorrow. I dont know why she cant choose sometime easy for her projects that you can get lots of information on. Her last project was on stone fish. I had never heard of stonefish before then! There is also an information book for parents on how to help them do their projects. Not like when I was at school, lol. I cant believe that she only has 6 months left at LLJP. It is quite scary, and sad. Got to start thinking about getting some of her stuff for next year. Got no plans for tomorrow, but have to study for my APLS course. I opened the book today, and it looks like a hell of a lot of work. A lot to do with admin of drugs in a resusc, intubation etc which I haven't learnt about before, so that should be interesting.
Still got quite a few letters to write as well, which I should try and do tomorrow. I have totally run out of money, so wont be going anywhere, but that will give me a chance to get some stuff done I guess.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Tough day

At work today, It was quite busy, and some people nearly drove me mad. Anyway, the weekend is nearly over, only 1 day left. On Monday I am going on diet again, and got to start going to gym. I havent been properly for nearly a month now. Friday was sports day. I was working, but managed to get time off to go. I have also been told, that I have to do the APLS course on the 8 August. There is a huge book to study. Not sure how long it is, as I thought it was 3 days, but Debbie only told me about one. That is also the weekend of Hobby-X, so I hope it doesnt continue the entire weekend!Brenda ses it was tiring.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Work again

Had the last 3 days at work. It wasnt too busy, but still it can be very frustrating in that place. For once it isnt the moms that drove me mad, but the staff. Mind you, that is not really anything new. But it just upsets me that some people can get away with doing the bare minimum and chatting to all their friends, family, relatives, etc and not have to do any work. I guess that is lucky. Plus, I think bringing your children to your work place is one thing, but they must realise that htey are not part of the workforce, and need to leave when their are meetings, talks etc. Anyway, I guess that is the advantage of being a um. Otherwise nothing happened really, had a fairly good few days. Apart from one of the staff writing on the patients file: Unable to find pulse! I mean what sort of a moron writes something like that. Honestly, I dont know where they find these staff sometimes. And Debbie insists on calling them back. One day we will all be in jail together.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Another week

Has gone by, and finally the holidays are over. It seems like Brenda has been at home for months now, between the strike and the holidays. I wouldnt mind except that she is totally out of her routine now. Last night I made her go to bed early and she really battled. She also slept in her bed for the first time in ages which was amazing. Dad bought her a new little cd player, so she lay and listened to music in her room for a while.
She had a lovely week. On Monday she went and played with Taylin, and ended up spending the night. Then on Tuesday she went off riding with Taylins granny. They rode all the way from Thames Place to the casino, and back. Then on Wednesday, they went riding again. Yesterday we went to see Shrek 3 at the casino, which was quite good. Today I went back to gym. I havent been for 2 weeks, and have picked up 3 kgs! So this week I have to go on a strict diet. Otherwise, have now run out of money totally, so will just be sitting at home for the rest of the month! Was supposed to work overtime tonight, which would have helped, but I think that it is going to be quiet.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Well, another weekend at work is over, thank goodness. We werent really busy, but there were certain people who really annoyed me. At least it is over. I have one more week until the new students arrive, so I guess I have a week of peace. I hope that this lot are going to have more initiative to get going. Shireen has been very sick this last week with Hepatitis A, and even ended up in ICU! Thankfully she is getting better. The Pudding party went great, and the ALpha course starts at the end of the month. This Thursday is Book club. I just phoned Shirley to remind her, as I had heard nothing more about it. She had remembered, buy was unsure of where to have it. I told her, she had better decide quickly as she only has 3 more days!

Thursday, 5 July 2007


The first week of the holidays is nearly over now. Brenda seems to be having a good time. The first 3 days of this week she went to One Way at church which she loved. Today Robyn came to play. They were quite good, but Robyn is into everything. Tomorrow is Kumon in the afternoon. I am working all weekend. I finally got to join the church the other day, and went to the New Members Pudding Party tonight. I have also put my name down for the next Alpha course, which starts at the end of the month. So I am getting quite involved! Hope I enjoy it, I have heard lots of things about it. At least I will get to meet some more people there.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Only my child

Yesterday I was at work, when mom and dad bought Brenda up to me. She had pulled the cast off! I have never heard of someone pulling the cast off, but my child did it! So of course we had to spend the day in casualty having the cast redone. It took us 4 hours to do, and the doctor didnt really do a very good job of it in the end anyway. I have handed in the x-rays at Dr. Willers rooms, and asked him to check them, and check the cast as well. So Meryl will let me know when I can bring her in to check the cast. Of course all I can think of is the rands piling up. God knows how much this is all going to cost me.
Otherwise the last few days have been okay. Work has been really quiet, so it has been great. Andrea came and had lunch with me today, we had a nice chat, she is working tomorrow as well.
Brenda went to that One Way thing at church which she seems to have enjoyed, and then also to Robyn's in the afternoon, so she seems to have had a good day.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

I hate.................

mothers! Much as I am a mother myself, I am so sick of their interfering, moaning, complaining ways! I wish that they would just leave us to get on with our jobs and get on with their job of being a mother. Two of our ex patients have been readmitted, and this afternoon the one was sitting complaining to the other of how dreadful we are, how she once fought with me, and just took her child and walked out the hospital. How useless the staff all are here, how we may as well not bother about doing temperatures as we are always inaccurate anyway, and much more in the same vein. What amazed me is that she brings her child back repeatedly anyway, I mean if we are so terrible then what is she doing there? She should take her child elsewhere. The other one of course, had to agree which amused me considering we saved her childs life last year, and she left her child with us for days on end without even visiting, so we cant have been that bad! But, anyway, the joke is on them as it just shows how hypocritical they are!
Otherwise the 2 days werent bad. I managed to do nearly all of the Pen 1s assessments, just got 1 girls baby feed, and the other one has both to do. Now it is time for the next lot!
It is break up day tomorrow, then Brenda has 2 weeks off as if she needs any more time off.
We had Brendas cast put on on Wednesday, so I can breathe now. I was so worried that she was going to break the other arm. This cast has to stay on for 4 weeks, then I hope that is it.

Sunday, 24 June 2007


What a terrible weekend we had at work. Not that it was that busy, but just the parents we had were dreadful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, at least it is over. I got my salary today, but it is not as much as I expected, and I havent done much overtime lately, so I guess I am going to be broke for the month. I also didnt seem to get any 5 year money, or if I did it wasnt too much.
Brendas arm is still in the backslab. I have an appointment for Wednesday to get it put into a cast. I just dont know if it will last that long, as she is bouncing around all over the place. I just pray that she doesnt fall and hurt it even more. School is still closed tomorrow, so not sure what is happening. They said they may cancel the holidays, but not sure about that.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Update on arm

Got a phone call last night to say that the arm doesnt need anything further done. They will leave the backslab on, for a week, and then put a proper plaster on next week. Obviously sport etc is ruled out for the next few weeks. Not really a problem since I got another message to say the school is closed until the strike is over, and who knows when that will be! I have told Brenda that she will have to start writing with her left hand, and that she must do lots of reading. There is only one week anyway until the schools break up.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Broken arm!

Yesterday Brenda was playing on the jungle gym at the La Lucia Mall, when she slipped and fell off. She landed on her shoulder and arm and has broken her arm! She came up to the hospital and had x-rays which showed she has a green stick fracture. Dr. Geard put a backslab on, and then said he will show the x-rays to an orthopod today to see whether she needs anything more done. Apparently, it has shifted slightly from the growth plate, and he may want to align it properly, so I should hear about that today. It is a good thing the schools are still off, but of course itmeans there will be no tennis, swimming etc for a while.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Friends funny

How do I know when my daughter is a bit confused and watches too much TV?
This morning, I gave dad a long sleeved shirt for Fathers day. He came out wearing it and a pair of smart pants, and I told him it would be better to wear it with Jeans. Brenda looked shocked and said:
"But I've never seen a Grandpa in jeans before!"
Brenda:"Oh but Joey wears jeans!"
Mom: "Who is Joey?" (thinking maybe Nicola's grandfather as she was there yesterday"

Brenda: "You know! Joey Treviani, from friends, Dr. Drake Ramores from Days of our lives!"

After I had stopped laughing I realised, that she watches Friends far too much, and secondly that her idea of ages is very skewed. I wonder what Matt Le Blanc would think if he knew he looked like a grandfather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fathers day

Had a great day today so far. I hope my dad had one too, lol. This morning we got up and gave him his presents, he got a shirt from me and chocolates from Brenda. Then we went to the Rustic Market for a bit. Took some great photos there of all of us. After that we came home and I started cooking the supper. I am doing a pot roast, so it is bubbling away now. It smells delicious, I hope it comes out nice, as I have never done a pot roast before!
Brenda is going back to school tomorrow. I hope that there is no trouble and that everything goes okay. She is not too happy about the whole thing. I was supposed to go to gym this afternoon, but not sure if I am going to get a chance. I have gone 3 times already this week, so that is not too bad. I am back to work tomorrow, very sad, I hope the ward is not too bad.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


The teachers and nurses have gone on strike as threatened. It has been going on now for 2 weeks. Brendas school closed last Thursday and they have now said they are closed until further notice! She has been having a lovely time, and was very excited. Work has been a bit chaotic as now we are taking state patients as KE8 is closed and so is Alberth Luthuli. Addington has just reopened, but not sure how far they are going. Maternity has been packed with all the caesers!
Tomorrow they are supposed to have a bad day, where they are going to picket all the private hospitals too. They were even toyi-toying outside Crawford. Tomorrow Brenda is goint to have a wart burned off her finger, I hope we dont have any problems goin in. Apparently Checkers in Durban Norht also closed yesterday, not sure why. I hope it is resolved soon as it is even hard to get staff here.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Wednesday 6 June

Had a busy 2 days at work. I am supposed to be doing the new Pen 1's assessments on baby bath and baby feeds, starting this month. Not sure when I will get a chance to do that. I hope to start next week, but hope that it is not too full. There are 5 of them this month. I am working overtime tonight, was hoping that they would cancel me, but doubt that that will happen now. Brenda has been doing her relaxation therapy for the last few days, she seems to be going to bed earlier at tnight, which is a great help. The chickens came home last night, and have made a huge mess on my bedroom floor. I dont know what we are going to do when they come home for good! Went to aquarobics this morning, it was quite a tough class. Am going again with GIll tomorrow night.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Another week

Has gone by without me writing in here. Had a busy week. Worked Monday night in the end, which was not too bad at work. Then Wednesday and Thursday were busy. Especially Thursday as we were admitting continuously in the afternoon. On Firday Brenda started the relaxation therapy with Mandy. She seemed to enjoy the massage and then the visualisation exercises.
Yesterday it was Jonathans birthday party. It was at a party playground at the Bluff. The jungle gyms were huge and the kids had a ball. It was a bit overcast and rained a lot before the party, but fortunately it improved after that. Gill had really gone to town with all the kids eats though, there was so much left over. After the party Gill and I went shopping, and then the kids came over to Gills folks house. The three of them played outside, and then they turned the hosepipe on themselves and ran around in it. Well, Jonathan was clever enough not to do that, only Brenda and Megan ran around cold and wet in the rain. Brenda came home wrapped in a towel as we had no other clothes for her! I hope that the two of them dont get sick. Got no real plans today, just going to gym just now.

Sunday, 27 May 2007


It is official, my daughter is much more of a jetsetter than me. Not a month after flying to Mauritius with Dayle, she has once again gone to Johannesburg to stay with Dayle for the weekend. She had a lovely time, but was very upset that there was no snow! She got back this evening. Dayle is apparently not going to Australia now until April, so at least she has more time to prepare.
Had a busy day at work, but today was nice and quiet. Hope the week is going to be all right. I am supposed to be working overtime tomorrow night, but dont know if they will need me cos the ward is so quiet. In some ways I hope not. Otherwise, planing on gym tomorrow, meeting up with Sharon, and got dinner with Ilse on Tuesday night. So going to be quite busy over the next few days!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

First game

Brenda played her first netball games today. It was at Umhlanga College against 4 other teams. It was the first time that she had played an away game in any sport. They played so nicely and really worked so well together as a team. They won all their games too. I also went to the school today to talk about the remedial assessment. She is going to start remedial therapy, hopefully it is not going to be for too long. I also went and gave my talk on la lucia junior primary when I was there. It went off better than I expected, I was quite nervous, but once I got going it was fine. It is payday tomorrow, I am so happy as I am very broke this month.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Back at work!

Have been back at work now for 5 days. Had a busy few days, with lots of drama, nothing changes I guess. Brenda had a good few days at school. On Wednesday they went to Gateway to sing in some science celebrations, and then on THurdsday they had a school netball tournament. Her team won all their games. On Friday it was gym, and then yesterday she went to Robyn's for the afternoon. We had a cultural day at work on Friday, and I ate far too much. Did go to gym yesterday morning, but not today. Was going to go tomorrrow morning, but may leave it for Tuesday. This week coming up is my long week, so got nothing planned.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My baby is growing up!

Brenda has her first crush! Well, it is not really a new crush, as it is Vincent from next door. SHe has always liked him. Today he came over with Kathy to get dad to sign some forms. Brenda was hiding in the kitchen, and wouldnt come out. She told mom: "I really like him, what does my hair look like!" Since then she has been all giggly and talking about him. It is quite sweet. but a bit scary all the same.!
My last day of leave is over. I went to gym this morning for aquarobics. Wow, that lady gave us a good workout, I will be surprised if I can walk tomorrow. I was exhausted when I was finished. Otherwise I didnt really do anything, just relaxed and mainly played on the computer and read a bit. Not looking forward tomorrow, especially as it is Wednesday, our busiest day. And I am working 3 days in a row too. Brenda is going with the school choir tomorrow to Gateway to sing and then Thursday they have a netball tournament, so she has got a busy week.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Last 2 days

Tomorrow is my last day of leave. It is quite sad that it is all over. I dont know if I am really feeling up to handle that hell hole, lol. At least I have rested though, that is one thing. Yesterday had a relaxing day, got up and went to church in the, then mom and I went to the hyper. After that we met dad and Brenda at the Rustic Market for lunch. Last night, Co started barking at 2:45 am and wouldnt stop. Dad eventually let both dogs inside, but I couldnt get back to sleep after that for about an hour. This morning, after dropping Brenda off at school, I came home and slept for 3 hours. The Grade 3s are going to sing at Gateway on Wednesday apparently, and Brenda is supposed to have a note for me to fill in, but it seems she has lost it. So I will have to go and speak to Mrs Wright tomorrow. Got no plans for tomorrow, just gym, and planing on relaxing for my last day off.

Saturday, 12 May 2007


Have had quite a relaxing couple of days. On Thursday morning, I just stayed at home, did some letters, etc. Then in the afternoon I went to gym, and the evening was bookclub. It is my turn to do the buying this month, so I have R400 to spend on books. Am looking forward to it! I also have to decide what restaurant to have it in next month though. That is not such an easy thing. Shirley suggested a place where Cloud 9 used to be in Umhlanga, but I am sure that will be quite busy. I may just make it at Sinatra's again, like we had the first one. Yesterday, I just went to gym with Brenda and then relaxed. This morning, I went to aquarobics, with GIll, and then this afternoon Brenda had a party at Gateway. They went to the movies and then to Mc. Donalds. I went shopping and got moms mothers day present, a bit late, I know. Otherwise, got nothing planned for tomorrow, hoping to be spoiled!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Library day!

This morning I went and helped in the library at the school. I was the only one there until about 10 o'clock, when about 6 people arrived. I was actually just about to leave, when the first lady arrived, but thought I had better stay for a bit, and ended up staying until 12:30! We actually managed to finish most of the covering, so not sure what they are going to do tomorrow, but I guess it will be fixing. What makes me laugh is that there are so many moms in the school and yet so few actually come and do anything. Of the ones that did come today, one had a little girl today, one came alone, and the other arrived with her parents! So out of 306 kids at the school really only 4 moms could help! Yesterday there were about 5 people, and on Monday there was 1! And yet, those other people will feel comfortable to complain about the school and what happens there. It is the same everywhere though, I remember at Entabeni creche, everyone was complaining about the creche, but when they had a meeting, only about 3 people came. This afternoon Brenda and I went to gym, then came home. I won my first item on Bid or Buy! I am so pleased, it is a little stamp which I got for R17, I am just waiting to hear what the shipping is going to be. Got no plans for tomorrow, just going to relax.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Second day

Have now had my second day of leave. It is sad to think that this time next week I will be going back to work. Not done much, just a bit of craft shopping, and lots of relaxing. I forgot about gym yesterday, I was supposed to meet Gill. But today I went, and swam with Gill. Tomorrow we will meet again and do gym. Have also been working in the school library covering books.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sunday School Picnic

Today was the Sunday School Picnic. It was postponed from the weekend that we had all those storms in March. Brenda and I went to church in the morning, and then went off to the picnic, mom and dad met us there. Unfortunately mom forgot to bring my camera, so I never got any photos. They had a big jumping castle with a foam machine, so the kids had a great time with that. I saw Manda Rissi, and Taylin which was good cos I havent seen them for ages. This afternoon I came home and slept again. Priscilla and I have decided to postpone the kids party for a couple of months, and have it a little later in the year. Not sure how it will work, but at least it takes the pressure off for now. This evening I made 3 cards for Nonhlanhla, not sure if I like the one, so I may make another.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Breakfast with Sharon

This morning I went to breakfast with Sharon. We went up to Woolworths at Gateway, and then wondered around Gateway for a few hours. It was quite nice to see her again. Then I came home and crashed for the afternoon. I was really feeling terrible when I left Gateway, but am happy to say that I have been feeling better since I woke up, my throat is still feeling sore though. Tomorrow is the Sunday School picnic, then I need to get 3 cards made to deliver to work on monday.

Friday, 4 May 2007


I have done it, finally seen my first spiderman movie, even if it was no 3! Went to the function this evening. Brenda came with, and although I was scared she wouldnt enjoy it, she loved it. I thought she might have been a bit scared, but I should have known better. The nice thing was, I saw quite a few people that I know from Entabeni. Tracy Boetger and Karen Wheeler, Nan Boome, Nalini and Robin Chapman, as well as another girl whose name I cant remember. I know it will come to me sometime.
Otherwise, just had a quiet day, went to assembly in the morning, then came home and slept. This afternoon I took Brenda to Kumon, then we went to Priscilla's house to plan the party. We are going ahead with next Friday at the Spur, hopefully. Got to phone tomorrow and try and book. Tomorrow I am meeting Sharon in the morning for breakfast, then Sunday is the Sunday School picnic. So going to be quite a busy weekend. Also got to make 3 cards for an order.

Thursday, 3 May 2007


Finished work today and now I am on leave, I am so happy. It will be good to just relax and enjoy myself, doing what I want to. The only problem is, that I am a little broke, and Virgin has now taken out money for Brendas membership fees. I of course, hadnt budgeted for that, as I was waiting for them to contact me. At least I made some money from my cards though. I still have to make 3 cards and deliver them on Monday. Not got much planned for the weekend, just this thing tomorrow night, and then on Saturday I am meeting Sharon for breakfast. I woke up with a sore throat today, I hope that it stops there and doesnt turn into a cold. I have been taking Vitamen A to hopefully stop it in its tracks. Planning on going to Gym tomorrow, will have to go to Mount Edgecombe as our gym is closed.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

So long

Wow, I cant believe it has been so long since I signed in here. The weekend was terrible at work. Sunday wasnt too bad, but Saturday was the worst ever. I worked Monday night, but that was quite a nice night, so cant really complain. On Monday Brenda and I had a relaxing day. I took her to the mall with me, and she gave me such a fright at the end. I left her to do the parking ticket and told her I would meet her at the CNA. She went to Edgars instead. I started searching for her, and couldnt find her anywhere. I got such a fright, I really thought she had been kidnapped. Anyway, fortunately she came down the escalator, and I found her at that point. I was so relieved. Then I went home and slept for a bit, since I had to work that night. I then got up and met Brenda at Gym. Tuesday I slept for a bit, and then got up, went to the Hyper with Brenda and then to gym after that. I also got up early for work this morning, and went to gym. I am quite impressed with myself, that is 5 times in 2 weeks! I am going to try and go at least every 2nd day while I am on leave.
Friday night we have been invited to a talk by Rocephin, and then there is a pre-screening of Spiderman 3. Initially I was told that it is not for kids, but the rep came today and said it is fine to bring children, so Brenda will be coming with me, she is very excited.
This afternoon it was her interview at Glenashley, I was so proud of her, she spoke so well and confidently, answered all the questions, and chatted nicely. It seems like she wants to go there next year, and she really seemed to like Mr. King. I of course, forgot my check book, so I couldnt pay the R200, they will think I am very bad before I even start there! Hope it doesnt go down on my record!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Hell on Earth

Having a terrible weekend at work, thank god I only have one day left to go. Unfortunately I agreed to work on Monday night. Will update again hopefully tomorrow night, otherwise on Monday.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

What a day

Had a busy, busy day today. Took Brenda to school in the morning, then I stopped off at the Mall to get some shopping, and get those pictures printed. Just as I was walking out Debbie phoned me to say that they were having a farewell for Nancy at 11. So I went back into the mall and bought a gift, and some snacks. Then came home, wrapped the giftup, cooked the snacks, and went out to the ward. The farewell was nice. I am going to really miss Nancy. Although I didnt work with her that much, I have worked with her for 5 years. She has been in the ward for 10 years, it is a long time to be somewhere! Speaking of that, I have been at Umhlanga for nearly 5 years now. I cant bellieve it has been so long. I will be getting my certificate at the end of year party, whoopie!
Anyway, after the party I popped to the crescent to get sawdust for the hamster. Of course I had to pop into Imagine That, lol. Then went rushing home because Shirley was supposed to come around. Of course, she didnt come. Then I fetched Brenda and took her to swimming and tennis. As I was getting out the car at tennis, my shoe came off and I cut my foot on the accelerator pedal. Only I could do that, lol. It was actually bleeding, and is bloody sore. Dont know how I am going to work tomorrow, as I have a blister under my toe from the shoes that I wore yesterday, and now a cut on top! It will be a long weekend. This evening I have made a card, and played Singstar with Brenda.
Am back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to it, but by this time next week I will be on leave, so I guess I can live with it!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Finally, it has come! The day I have been waiting all month for! I have been very good this month, and paid nearly all my accounts off. I have drawn some money out for the next few days, and wont be spending any more until all my debit orders have come out. Went to Gateway this morning, and paid all my accounts. Tried to get some photos printed, but the machine wasnt working. So then I went to the one at the mall, and found that some person had just put a huge order in and it was taking ages to print, so I just left. Will have to go back tomorrow. Went to Shirleys house for coffee and a chat after that and then came hometo cook supper. Brenda and I made meatloaf which was quite nice. Got a busy day tomorrow as it is tennis and swimming in the afternoon, but hoping to relax in the morning.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I did it!

Shock, horror, I actually woke up at 4:30 this morning and went to Gym. I did 15 minutes on the cycle, then did my weights exercises, had a shower, bought a smoothie and muffin and went to work! I plan on going in again tomorrow morning, and on Thursday. Wont be able to go on the weekend, but will definitely try and go 4 times a week. The amazing thing is, I wasnt too exhausted, and actually managed to cope for the day at work. What shocked me too, I really expected the gym to be empty at that time of the morning, but it was quite full, even though it was still dark! So I am not the only mad one. Tomorrow I have a few cards to make, and thenam going to lunch with Shirley Staveley. I also need to phone Patricia about Brenda's party to organise it. I asked Debbie for leave next month, so I have a week from the 6th to 13th of May. I dont plan on doing anything for that week, just relaxing. I can't wait.

Monday, 23 April 2007

New start

Well today is the new start of my exercise programme. I have been messing around for the last couple of months, so today I have decided to give it my all. I went to Gym this afternoon and did 20 minutes on the treadmill. I wanted to swim, but there were no lanes available, and it was getting late to fetch Brenda from tennis. I plan on setting my alarm clock tomorrow morning, and going before work. Hope that works, as I know that I am very bad at getting out of bed in the morning. But I am determined that I have to lose weight. I am tired of going to things and not being able to participate because of my weight. I would like to have made a big dent in my weight by next summer.
Brenda is busy doing her homework right now. I have just found out that she still has 2 more pages of bonds to do. I dont know what to do with her sometimes. It would be fine if she had come home and done it, but after tennis, she spent a lot of time messing about. Just when I think that she is getting better, she goes and does something like this.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Nice weekend

So far the weekend has been good. Yesterdain the morning it was the funday at Brendas school. As we arrived, it started raining, but fortunately this only went on for a few minutes. I havent been to one of these fun days before as I have always been working before, so I was so glad to get to go. The kids all had a great time, and some of them were covered in mud from head to toe. Brenda seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I was glad to be there and that she enjoyed it because it will be her last one, and next year she wont be with quite a few of these kids. After that she had an earache, so we went home and just relaxed for a few hours. The first photo is withVaistra and the second is with Fezeka. They are a little bit dark, still working on lightening them.

In the afternoon it was Faris's birthday party at Ushaka Beach. First of all we were a little late, but just a few minutes, although we had to virtually run through Village Walk to get there. It was nice and hot by this time, and the kids had a brilliant time. They did lots of races in the sand, also swam in the sea, and did some canoeing. They had lifeguards there looking after them and entertaining them so we hardly saw them. Brenda seemed to enjoy this tool. Patricia Engelen and I have decided to have a combined party for Brenda and Brandon in about 2 weeks time. The only thing is that Brenda wants to have Katia and Nicola and Katie too, so I will have to check with her if that is okay. Brenda is very excited about it. Today we did nothing in the morning, and then went up to Gateway for lunch. I have to work tonight, so I slept in the afternoon, but didnt get a chance to sleep much as the dogs kept barking at the monkeys. Hope I manage to stay awake. Ending off with one of Brenda, Faris, Brittany and Craig.Oops, it went to the top, cant work out how to reposition it.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Locked keys in car

After assembly this morning, I came home and locked my keys in the car while opening the gate. Iphoned the folks, but they were at a meeting. I then managed to find a bucket handle, straighten it and break into my car. Took about 5 minutes, it is a bit scary! Just as I opened the door, of course, the folks arrived in the driveway.
Just relaxed the rest of the morning at home. This afternoon, took Brenda to Kumon, she took ages, so we missed Gym, so we went up to Gateway to Toys 'r Us to get a present for Faris's party tomorrow. Brenda is very excited, but worried about having to surf because of Sharks! I tried to tell her that she wont be surfing out in the deep sea, but she didnt seem to understand! The fun day is in the morning, so we have to be up at the crack of dawn for that. WHy do the schools do that? Your one day to relax and they take it away. After that we have a few hours to relax, and it will be off to the party. I am not sure what I will do while she is at the party, probably just go and have a cup of coffee somewhere. Hope it is not too hot. Got no real plans for SUnday, it will just depend on how much money I have left!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wednesday 18 April

What a day. Once again, being Wednesday we had loads of Daycases. In fact one was still there when I left. This morning was chaos as we had 8 theatre cases. Veronica wasnt there, we had 2 ENs doing them. Then the child with burns had to have a dressing change, so there was hardly any one on the ward! And then one of the doctors wanted us to take the neuro patient to the bath. Fortunately Razia and the OT did that. Then Razia didnt tell me that the feed hadnt been reconnected, so I spent ages during lunchtime trying to flush the tube. The afternoon was much better. We had a huge storm this afternoon, apparently the roads were terrible. Mandy phoned Gill to say she was at the Hypermarket and couldnt see in front of her. I phoned Dad and asked him to fetch Brenda early from aftercare.
Everybody seemed to like my hair and I had lots of compliments, so that was great.
Tomorrow there is no sister working with me. I didn't hear Debbie phoning to book anyone. What really annoys me is that there are quite a lot of patients all with loads of medicines. There are also 4 day cases, and we are doing the full burns dressing in the morning. I dont know what she expects me to do with all the doctors and medicines. I cant take Nancy off the ward to help me with meds because until the burns dressing is finished she is the only staff nurse, and of course Razia is unable to do baths on her own, as then she feels that she is the only one working! So not sure what will happen! I can only pray that it is quieter than today as at least we wont have any daycases

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

New haircut

Finally I got it together and had my hair cut short. I have been trying to grow it on and off for a couple of years, but I decided a couple of months ago that I would get it cut short. Just never got it done. I had a voucher that I was given so I went and had it done today. I think it looks quite good, but no one has really seen me except for mom and Brenda, so not sure what everyone else will say. It also seems quite easy to manage, so that is good. I was a bit worried that the colour would all be cut off and it would be dark, but a lot of the streaks are still showing and the colour is still quite light.
I had to work last night. It was quite exhausting. They only phoned me at 7pm. Apparently they left a message on my answerphone, but I never got it. So I hadnt slept at all. Anyway, I managed it. Came and crashed this morning though until I got woken up by the garden services at about 12:30. Then I went and had my haircut and then fetched Brenda early from aftercare. We went and had lunch at Wimpy, and then came home and played Playstation.
We were supposed to go to Mooi River with mom and dad on Saturday after the school fun day. But now Brenda has been invited to Faris's birthday party at Ushaka beach and she is desperate to go to that. So mom and dad will go up on her own, and I will take her to Ushaka. I hope she enjoys it.
Got some photos from Dayle from the holiday. They are lovely and look like they had a brilliant time. Brenda seemed to enjoy it, and hasnt stopped talking about Mauritius the whole time. I cant seem to upload them on here, but will try and do that soon.