Friday, 2 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is my favourite foto for the week. Brenda and some of the other kids in our street getting ready to go trick or treating! Halloween is not really big in South Africa, and this is the first year that they have done it in our road. So the kids were really excited. I missed the beginning because of work, but got home to find them at the bottom of the road, and walked home with them. I was really worried that noone would give them anything, but they all got given loads of sweets. Brenda went as a witch. I wanted to paint her face green, but she refused outright as she said that she was a good witch. In the end I found out that she was supposed to be Hermine from Harry Potter. She woke up yesterday and told me that she wanted to go again last night! Got a busy day tomorrow, as Brenda has a school cricket match in the morning, then off to Nicolas party, and then off to the movies after that, so should be ready to collapse by the evening. My car broke down on the way home this afternoon and had to be towed to the garage. I just hope it doesnt cost too much!

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Leigh Russell said...

Hi Tracy, glad to see the children outside having fun together. Sadly people don't let their children play outside much here these days, everyone's so paranoid with all the media hysteria about crime etc. You sound busy! Hope the car's OK. Drop by my blog some time and say hallo. Keep in touch.