Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Library day!

This morning I went and helped in the library at the school. I was the only one there until about 10 o'clock, when about 6 people arrived. I was actually just about to leave, when the first lady arrived, but thought I had better stay for a bit, and ended up staying until 12:30! We actually managed to finish most of the covering, so not sure what they are going to do tomorrow, but I guess it will be fixing. What makes me laugh is that there are so many moms in the school and yet so few actually come and do anything. Of the ones that did come today, one had a little girl today, one came alone, and the other arrived with her parents! So out of 306 kids at the school really only 4 moms could help! Yesterday there were about 5 people, and on Monday there was 1! And yet, those other people will feel comfortable to complain about the school and what happens there. It is the same everywhere though, I remember at Entabeni creche, everyone was complaining about the creche, but when they had a meeting, only about 3 people came. This afternoon Brenda and I went to gym, then came home. I won my first item on Bid or Buy! I am so pleased, it is a little stamp which I got for R17, I am just waiting to hear what the shipping is going to be. Got no plans for tomorrow, just going to relax.

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