Friday, 23 October 2009

Favourite Foto Friday # 68

Here we are again with FFF. The theme for this week is adventure. I decided to post before and after pictures

of Brendas school trip. I didnt send her with a camera because last years one was stolen so I dont have any pictures from there, but she came home very happy and excited. Not to mention, filthy and covered in bruises lol. For more great pictures, pop on over to Hannah's blog.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Favourite Foto Friday # 67

This has been a very busy, worrying and tiring week since last Friday. Fortunately it is over now and hopefully things will start to settle down a bit. I will try and do a proper post sometime. My FFF this week is from Brendas school play in September, Annie. Hop on over to Hannah's blog and seem some more cute kids, proper theme this week is orange.

By the way, this is about the closest Brenda ever gets to cleaning lol

Friday, 9 October 2009

Favourite Foto Friday # 66

I have deviated from the theme today, since I dont have any pumpkin photos, and it is not autumn here anyway! It is my sisters birthday today and she surprised us with a flying weekend visit! This photo is from about this time, of my sister and Brenda. Pop on over to Hannah's blog and see some more gorgeous kiddos in FFF.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Favourite Foto Friday # 66

This is the last week that Sarah will be doing FFF, but it will continue next week with Hannah. These pictures were taken last weekend. We have had some miserable weather lately, so Brenda has spent a lot of time inside. I came into our lounge, only to find this: She had somehow found this old trainset which she was given for her first birthday party and had set it up. She played for about an hour and has played with it twice since then. (Today was the first day it did not rain at all for 2 weeks!)

I took this picture, because she used to sit in the middle of the train set and play with it when she was 1, lol!

Oh, and see the scooter in the background! How do you convince them to keep it outside. I have tried everything and after a few weeks it always comes back in lol.