Sunday, 3 June 2007

Another week

Has gone by without me writing in here. Had a busy week. Worked Monday night in the end, which was not too bad at work. Then Wednesday and Thursday were busy. Especially Thursday as we were admitting continuously in the afternoon. On Firday Brenda started the relaxation therapy with Mandy. She seemed to enjoy the massage and then the visualisation exercises.
Yesterday it was Jonathans birthday party. It was at a party playground at the Bluff. The jungle gyms were huge and the kids had a ball. It was a bit overcast and rained a lot before the party, but fortunately it improved after that. Gill had really gone to town with all the kids eats though, there was so much left over. After the party Gill and I went shopping, and then the kids came over to Gills folks house. The three of them played outside, and then they turned the hosepipe on themselves and ran around in it. Well, Jonathan was clever enough not to do that, only Brenda and Megan ran around cold and wet in the rain. Brenda came home wrapped in a towel as we had no other clothes for her! I hope that the two of them dont get sick. Got no real plans today, just going to gym just now.

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