Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Oh dear

Well, I havent had a good two days at all. Yesterday was really busy at work, I didnt get to go to lunch or tea. So my cooler bag came back unopened. Which of course meant I grabbed junk here and there. I am just so sick of working in a place where they staff it in such a way that you dont have a hope in hell of having a break. We had a patient in our high care which is not even opened officially. That meant we had to have 1 person in there basically all day, which left the ward with only myself, Evashnie, and Zinhle who can do anything. They give us all these Pen 1 students, who spend all their day doing assessments, but no one who can actually do anything! The icing on the cake was the behaviour of one of our doctors who acted like a spoiled brat. Just because he is running late doesnt mean he should take it out on us. The worst part is that he is the one who is always trying to be our friend, and get in with all the staff. Anyway, I dont intend to be friendly to him from now on. I have learned my lesson now and will try and just be cool and ignore him. No longer will I be carrying all his personaly belongings, giving him coffee and sandwiches etc etc. I will have to try and be strong, lol.
Today was a bit better, in that my diet went better. I was supposed to go to Gym, but the folks went out and took my bag with them by mistake, so I didnt have the card with me. Tonight I went out to dinner with Ilse and GIll. It was really great to see Ilse again. I dont know when we will do it again, but hopefully soon. When I look at her I think of what I am not doing right in my life, and the first thing I think I need to do is get out of the job I am in, so I will have to try and do that this year! It is a scary thought, but it will probably be good for me, definitely for my blood pressure!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Back again

Well, here I am again. Had a good day today, until 17:00 when I was so hungry and thirsty after not having a break all day that I had to have some fish strips, which was all there was in the kitchen. But I did come home and just had soup for supper. Work was really busy which makes it very hard as you are just grabbing food on the trot. PLus we had no senior staff which makes it very stressful which just makes m want to eat more! Fortunately we got help after 4 and that made things a little easier. I guess it is not going to get any easier though. Apparently there was a bad program on carte blance last night about netcare and their staffing. Maybe that will help, but I am not holding my breath.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

A new start

I have created this blog to chart my exploits as I try and change my life. I have allowed myself to get far too overweight over the last few years, and I need to do something about this. There are also lots of other things about myself and my life which I need to change, but will get into those over time. I guess it is one step at a time. My goals for the next week are to try and eat healthily, especially when I am at work, and not to sneak food from the kitchen. I know that there are quite a few people at work who unconsciously sabotage me, but I will try and be strong. I also want to go to gym at least on wednesday and thursday. I also am going to try and have positive thoughts over the next few days! Will try and report back here daily to see how I am doing.