Friday, 14 December 2007

Very disorganised once again

Once again I am really disorganised at this time of year. Oh for the years when Brenda was little when I had everything organised before the end of November! Now I am always doing things at the last moment. I still havent even sent all my Christmas Cards yet. Had a really busy week this week. Went to dinner with Kirsten after work on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday night went to our homegroup dinner which was really nice. The kids were all jumping off the roof into the swimming pool, which caused me to have a few heart attacks, but fortunately they all survived it. Wednesday I worked in NICU for the day, which was a lovely change from Paeds. Nice and quiet and peaceful.
Today we went to Gateway with Gill, her aunt and uncle, cousin Nicola, Megan, Jonathan and Nicolas 2 kids, so it was a bit chaotic, but lots of fun. Brenda had her photo taken with Father Christmas, and then we came home. Tried Carols by Candlelight tonight, but once again it was raining, so went out to supper instead. NOw I am feeling quite exhausted and plan an early night!

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