Sunday, 24 June 2007


What a terrible weekend we had at work. Not that it was that busy, but just the parents we had were dreadful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, at least it is over. I got my salary today, but it is not as much as I expected, and I havent done much overtime lately, so I guess I am going to be broke for the month. I also didnt seem to get any 5 year money, or if I did it wasnt too much.
Brendas arm is still in the backslab. I have an appointment for Wednesday to get it put into a cast. I just dont know if it will last that long, as she is bouncing around all over the place. I just pray that she doesnt fall and hurt it even more. School is still closed tomorrow, so not sure what is happening. They said they may cancel the holidays, but not sure about that.

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