Monday, 23 July 2007


Spent a lot of today trying to put a slide show onto this site. I finally managed, and then clicked the wrong thing, and deleted it. Anyway, as you can see it is now on here, finally! Otherwise had a quiet day. Brenda has got to do a project on Meerkats, so will be going to the library to try and get some information tomorrow. I dont know why she cant choose sometime easy for her projects that you can get lots of information on. Her last project was on stone fish. I had never heard of stonefish before then! There is also an information book for parents on how to help them do their projects. Not like when I was at school, lol. I cant believe that she only has 6 months left at LLJP. It is quite scary, and sad. Got to start thinking about getting some of her stuff for next year. Got no plans for tomorrow, but have to study for my APLS course. I opened the book today, and it looks like a hell of a lot of work. A lot to do with admin of drugs in a resusc, intubation etc which I haven't learnt about before, so that should be interesting.
Still got quite a few letters to write as well, which I should try and do tomorrow. I have totally run out of money, so wont be going anywhere, but that will give me a chance to get some stuff done I guess.

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