Thursday, 28 June 2007

I hate.................

mothers! Much as I am a mother myself, I am so sick of their interfering, moaning, complaining ways! I wish that they would just leave us to get on with our jobs and get on with their job of being a mother. Two of our ex patients have been readmitted, and this afternoon the one was sitting complaining to the other of how dreadful we are, how she once fought with me, and just took her child and walked out the hospital. How useless the staff all are here, how we may as well not bother about doing temperatures as we are always inaccurate anyway, and much more in the same vein. What amazed me is that she brings her child back repeatedly anyway, I mean if we are so terrible then what is she doing there? She should take her child elsewhere. The other one of course, had to agree which amused me considering we saved her childs life last year, and she left her child with us for days on end without even visiting, so we cant have been that bad! But, anyway, the joke is on them as it just shows how hypocritical they are!
Otherwise the 2 days werent bad. I managed to do nearly all of the Pen 1s assessments, just got 1 girls baby feed, and the other one has both to do. Now it is time for the next lot!
It is break up day tomorrow, then Brenda has 2 weeks off as if she needs any more time off.
We had Brendas cast put on on Wednesday, so I can breathe now. I was so worried that she was going to break the other arm. This cast has to stay on for 4 weeks, then I hope that is it.

Sunday, 24 June 2007


What a terrible weekend we had at work. Not that it was that busy, but just the parents we had were dreadful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, at least it is over. I got my salary today, but it is not as much as I expected, and I havent done much overtime lately, so I guess I am going to be broke for the month. I also didnt seem to get any 5 year money, or if I did it wasnt too much.
Brendas arm is still in the backslab. I have an appointment for Wednesday to get it put into a cast. I just dont know if it will last that long, as she is bouncing around all over the place. I just pray that she doesnt fall and hurt it even more. School is still closed tomorrow, so not sure what is happening. They said they may cancel the holidays, but not sure about that.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Update on arm

Got a phone call last night to say that the arm doesnt need anything further done. They will leave the backslab on, for a week, and then put a proper plaster on next week. Obviously sport etc is ruled out for the next few weeks. Not really a problem since I got another message to say the school is closed until the strike is over, and who knows when that will be! I have told Brenda that she will have to start writing with her left hand, and that she must do lots of reading. There is only one week anyway until the schools break up.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Broken arm!

Yesterday Brenda was playing on the jungle gym at the La Lucia Mall, when she slipped and fell off. She landed on her shoulder and arm and has broken her arm! She came up to the hospital and had x-rays which showed she has a green stick fracture. Dr. Geard put a backslab on, and then said he will show the x-rays to an orthopod today to see whether she needs anything more done. Apparently, it has shifted slightly from the growth plate, and he may want to align it properly, so I should hear about that today. It is a good thing the schools are still off, but of course itmeans there will be no tennis, swimming etc for a while.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Friends funny

How do I know when my daughter is a bit confused and watches too much TV?
This morning, I gave dad a long sleeved shirt for Fathers day. He came out wearing it and a pair of smart pants, and I told him it would be better to wear it with Jeans. Brenda looked shocked and said:
"But I've never seen a Grandpa in jeans before!"
Brenda:"Oh but Joey wears jeans!"
Mom: "Who is Joey?" (thinking maybe Nicola's grandfather as she was there yesterday"

Brenda: "You know! Joey Treviani, from friends, Dr. Drake Ramores from Days of our lives!"

After I had stopped laughing I realised, that she watches Friends far too much, and secondly that her idea of ages is very skewed. I wonder what Matt Le Blanc would think if he knew he looked like a grandfather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fathers day

Had a great day today so far. I hope my dad had one too, lol. This morning we got up and gave him his presents, he got a shirt from me and chocolates from Brenda. Then we went to the Rustic Market for a bit. Took some great photos there of all of us. After that we came home and I started cooking the supper. I am doing a pot roast, so it is bubbling away now. It smells delicious, I hope it comes out nice, as I have never done a pot roast before!
Brenda is going back to school tomorrow. I hope that there is no trouble and that everything goes okay. She is not too happy about the whole thing. I was supposed to go to gym this afternoon, but not sure if I am going to get a chance. I have gone 3 times already this week, so that is not too bad. I am back to work tomorrow, very sad, I hope the ward is not too bad.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


The teachers and nurses have gone on strike as threatened. It has been going on now for 2 weeks. Brendas school closed last Thursday and they have now said they are closed until further notice! She has been having a lovely time, and was very excited. Work has been a bit chaotic as now we are taking state patients as KE8 is closed and so is Alberth Luthuli. Addington has just reopened, but not sure how far they are going. Maternity has been packed with all the caesers!
Tomorrow they are supposed to have a bad day, where they are going to picket all the private hospitals too. They were even toyi-toying outside Crawford. Tomorrow Brenda is goint to have a wart burned off her finger, I hope we dont have any problems goin in. Apparently Checkers in Durban Norht also closed yesterday, not sure why. I hope it is resolved soon as it is even hard to get staff here.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Wednesday 6 June

Had a busy 2 days at work. I am supposed to be doing the new Pen 1's assessments on baby bath and baby feeds, starting this month. Not sure when I will get a chance to do that. I hope to start next week, but hope that it is not too full. There are 5 of them this month. I am working overtime tonight, was hoping that they would cancel me, but doubt that that will happen now. Brenda has been doing her relaxation therapy for the last few days, she seems to be going to bed earlier at tnight, which is a great help. The chickens came home last night, and have made a huge mess on my bedroom floor. I dont know what we are going to do when they come home for good! Went to aquarobics this morning, it was quite a tough class. Am going again with GIll tomorrow night.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Another week

Has gone by without me writing in here. Had a busy week. Worked Monday night in the end, which was not too bad at work. Then Wednesday and Thursday were busy. Especially Thursday as we were admitting continuously in the afternoon. On Firday Brenda started the relaxation therapy with Mandy. She seemed to enjoy the massage and then the visualisation exercises.
Yesterday it was Jonathans birthday party. It was at a party playground at the Bluff. The jungle gyms were huge and the kids had a ball. It was a bit overcast and rained a lot before the party, but fortunately it improved after that. Gill had really gone to town with all the kids eats though, there was so much left over. After the party Gill and I went shopping, and then the kids came over to Gills folks house. The three of them played outside, and then they turned the hosepipe on themselves and ran around in it. Well, Jonathan was clever enough not to do that, only Brenda and Megan ran around cold and wet in the rain. Brenda came home wrapped in a towel as we had no other clothes for her! I hope that the two of them dont get sick. Got no real plans today, just going to gym just now.