Sunday, 26 August 2007

Supposed to be a crafty day

Finally got down to do some cards, but only managed to do 1, which is drying at the moment, I guess one is better than nothing. Did also help Brenda with some beading, which she seemed quite keen on, and managed very nicely. I will try and post my card tomorrow. The hockey tournament was good too yesterday, although the weather was miserable. Brendas team played quite well, although in one game she let 2 goals through in the first 5 minutes. Fortunately she seemed to wake up after that! They all enjoyed it though. I took some pics, but havent had a chance to download them and not sure how they will turn out, since I am not good at action shots. I did go to churchthis morning, which was good since it was my first time going since I started the Alpha course. Got work tomorrow, and not looking forward to it. I have a couple of assessments to do with the students, so I hope we have babies for that. I always find it a bit stressful to do these assessments as some of them are a bit dense, and I am petrified that one of them will drop the baby. Fortunately no one has yet, I guess I should give them more credit!

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