Friday, 21 August 2009

Favourite Foto Friday returns

I have not been around much for the last little while, but neither has Sarah , so with the return of FFF I have decided to start up where I left off before things got chaotic. These photos were taken at the bird park a few weeks ago. It is closing down at the end of the month so we have been trying to go as much as possible.

I claim no responsibility for the state of Brenda's fringe!
Lastly a photo of the two newest members of our family. My sister has had to move and could no longer keep them, so we have taken them in. The little tabby went in to be fixed on Wednesday, and has already pulled her stitches out. So lots of fun happening here!

Things have been really busy here between work and school, in fact Brenda has a hockey match at 7:30 tomorrow morning! So much for my Saturday lie in!