Thursday, 23 August 2007

My poor car

Had a disaster with my car yesterday! I forgot to turn the lights off in the morning when I parked it. Unfortunately the security guard never informed me, and neither did the person who sat with me at lunch and knew that my lights were on! Anyway, when I got to it in the evening it wouldnt start. I didnt have my phone with me, so I had to walk all the way back to the hospital and phone Dad. When he came he tried to jump start it, with no success, so he left it there, and then brought the battery home this morning to charge it. However, when he took moms battery up there, to try and bring the car home, it still wont start. So tomorrow I will have to try and get the AA in to fix it. I hope that it is okay, and doesnt cost me too much! In the meantime it is parked in the work car park, so at least I know it is fairly safe.
Had a busy day at work today, but at least it is over, and I am off for the weekend. I may work OT on Saturday night, but not sure about that. I am supposed to be meeting up with Sharon tomorrow night, but not sure about that if my car is not going. I guess it will save me some money. Got to go to church on Sunday too, as I havent been for a few weeks. brenda has a hockey tournament at school on Saturday too, so it could end up being a busy weekend.

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