Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Three days..........

Of Hell are over, thank goodness. I cant believe that we can have 2 such impossible days. Betweeen, the staff, the mums and management, I am not sure how I managed to survive! At least it is over now, but now I have to get down to some serious studying. Brenda came up to the hospital today and had her cast removed. I am glad it is finally over, but the arm is a bit weak, and she is battling to write. I hope it improves soon as she has a project to do this weekend.
I got an email today from Alison at Scrapbook Junction to say that they are closing down in August. I am quite sad as that is my favourite shop, and she is such a lovely person and so friendly. She is having a 35% off sale for the rest of the month, so I hope to get there sometime and try and get some bargains.

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