Sunday, 17 June 2007

Fathers day

Had a great day today so far. I hope my dad had one too, lol. This morning we got up and gave him his presents, he got a shirt from me and chocolates from Brenda. Then we went to the Rustic Market for a bit. Took some great photos there of all of us. After that we came home and I started cooking the supper. I am doing a pot roast, so it is bubbling away now. It smells delicious, I hope it comes out nice, as I have never done a pot roast before!
Brenda is going back to school tomorrow. I hope that there is no trouble and that everything goes okay. She is not too happy about the whole thing. I was supposed to go to gym this afternoon, but not sure if I am going to get a chance. I have gone 3 times already this week, so that is not too bad. I am back to work tomorrow, very sad, I hope the ward is not too bad.

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