Friday, 14 December 2007

Favourite Foto Friday no11

This is a photo of Brenda taken today at Gateway. I think it is so special because I am sure this will be one of the last years that she really believes in Father Christmas. She is already starting to question how it is possible but still believes. I really don't want her to lose her innocence and naievity, but know that it is inevitable. But for now, I am just trying to enjoy the last few years of it!


Sarah said...

I love that he is called Father Christmas instead of Santa Clause where you are. Glad you have a believer! She is precious!

Becca said...

She looks precious! Like a candy cane! Enjoy this year with her as a "believer!"

The McKenzie Crew said...

adorable picture:)

Heather said...

Tracy -
Thank you so much for the comments on our blog! I love the picture of your daughter with Father Christmas - PRICELESS! And I am right there with you . . . as my boys are asking a lot of questions, too! Enjoy every moment of this Christmas with your beautiful daughter!
Love & FROG,