Sunday, 27 May 2007


It is official, my daughter is much more of a jetsetter than me. Not a month after flying to Mauritius with Dayle, she has once again gone to Johannesburg to stay with Dayle for the weekend. She had a lovely time, but was very upset that there was no snow! She got back this evening. Dayle is apparently not going to Australia now until April, so at least she has more time to prepare.
Had a busy day at work, but today was nice and quiet. Hope the week is going to be all right. I am supposed to be working overtime tomorrow night, but dont know if they will need me cos the ward is so quiet. In some ways I hope not. Otherwise, planing on gym tomorrow, meeting up with Sharon, and got dinner with Ilse on Tuesday night. So going to be quite busy over the next few days!

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