Monday, 14 May 2007

Last 2 days

Tomorrow is my last day of leave. It is quite sad that it is all over. I dont know if I am really feeling up to handle that hell hole, lol. At least I have rested though, that is one thing. Yesterday had a relaxing day, got up and went to church in the, then mom and I went to the hyper. After that we met dad and Brenda at the Rustic Market for lunch. Last night, Co started barking at 2:45 am and wouldnt stop. Dad eventually let both dogs inside, but I couldnt get back to sleep after that for about an hour. This morning, after dropping Brenda off at school, I came home and slept for 3 hours. The Grade 3s are going to sing at Gateway on Wednesday apparently, and Brenda is supposed to have a note for me to fill in, but it seems she has lost it. So I will have to go and speak to Mrs Wright tomorrow. Got no plans for tomorrow, just gym, and planing on relaxing for my last day off.

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