Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Market Day

Market Day went off quite well today. After a frantic couple of days trying to prepare everything for it, I was very worried about the snowglobes, as they didnt seem so good. But they were sold out within the first 10 minutes! One broke, but we bought it home and fixed it, cos a little girl wanted to buy it anyway.

Brenda seemed to have a lovely time. Unfortunately it was a bit windy. The pics are a bit dark, but I am battling to change them so will just leave them like that.

This afternoon I did a layout for the UKS weekly challenge. Tried to take a pic, but it is a bit dark, so will have to do it again in the daylight. Got a day overtime tomorrow, so not looking forward to it, but it is Dr. Wesley's last day, so I feel I cant really cancel it! Brenda is going to Johburg on Friday and will be there for a week. It seems a bit of a waste since I have taken leave to spend the holidays with her, and now she wont be there. At least I will get some time to relax and be able to go out for coffee etc with friends. Got to go to gym too!

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