Saturday, 12 May 2007


Have had quite a relaxing couple of days. On Thursday morning, I just stayed at home, did some letters, etc. Then in the afternoon I went to gym, and the evening was bookclub. It is my turn to do the buying this month, so I have R400 to spend on books. Am looking forward to it! I also have to decide what restaurant to have it in next month though. That is not such an easy thing. Shirley suggested a place where Cloud 9 used to be in Umhlanga, but I am sure that will be quite busy. I may just make it at Sinatra's again, like we had the first one. Yesterday, I just went to gym with Brenda and then relaxed. This morning, I went to aquarobics, with GIll, and then this afternoon Brenda had a party at Gateway. They went to the movies and then to Mc. Donalds. I went shopping and got moms mothers day present, a bit late, I know. Otherwise, got nothing planned for tomorrow, hoping to be spoiled!

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