Friday, 30 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday #9

First Foto is of Brendas first day at this school in January 2004 and the other is today, her last day at this school. Look at the difference! Can't believe how much she has grown.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Last week of school

Today was the start of Brenda's last week at LLJP. It is the last time she will wear her PE kit. I think she was quite sad when she got dressed this morning, as she kept saying I hope this week takes a long time. My baby is growing up!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

Can't believe that it is Friday again. It is amazing how the weeks have just flown! Once you hit October the time just seems to go by so quickly, and the year is over before you know it.
This is a photo of Brenda on Monday at the Grade 3 Farewell after she had got her certificates. This was a week of Farewells as they had Grade 3 Farewell on Tuesday and then a Farewell assembly today for the 3 teachers who are leaving at the end of the year. We also had a tea at school today for all the moms who help out at the school. It was quite wierd to be there knowing that it was probably the last time I would see most of them. Went and bought Brendas new uniform yesterday, she just looked so grown up! Cant believe she will be 10 in 6 weeks!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Dentist and farewell!

Had a really busy few days. Weekend was very busy, Saturday poured with rain most of the day. We went shopping in the morning, and then Brenda went to Sarah's party in the afternoon. On Sunday we went to church, then went to the Cat and dog exhibition which was lovely, but very full. Went to Spur for lunch on the way home, and by that time I was exhausted! Yesterday was also busy at work, mainly due to lack of trained staff once again! Today I took Brenda to the dentist in the afternoon. She had to have her first filling, and she was so good. I was really proud of her, she didnt cry or complain once! Went to a new dentist as the old one has retired, and she was very sweet and explained everything to Brenda and really made it a nice experience. If you can call a filling a nice experience!
This evening was the Grade 3 Farewell at school. It went off very well, and the kids all did so well. The only bad part was some woman about 3 rows in front of us, who kept standing up and taking photos for most of the songs, so no one else could see anything. I really wished someone behind her would tell her to sit down. If she is so desperate to take hundreds of pics she should stand at the side! What makes her think she has the right to block half the halls view! Anyway, I was very proud of Brenda as their was a timew hen I wondered if she would ever leave this school! Or even if she would ever learn to read or write. But she has really persevered and is doing so well, so I am really proud of her. I will admit to being very close to tears at a couple of points! Only 1 more week of school to go and I still have to sort out teachers presents etc. Not sure how I am going to do it! At least it is payday on Friday and I can go shopping in the afternoon after Kumon.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is a picture from April when Brenda went to Mauritius with my sister. It is a little dark, but I love it. It is so summery, and they look so happy together. Like they had a really lovely time together. Also it is one of only a few that I have of her time in Mauritius, so extra special!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

Late again with FFF, because I went to a party on Friday night. It was our church's birthday bash, and was lovely to see some of the people from my Alpha course again. After that we drove around looking for fireworks as it was Diwali, and then came home. Last night some idiot let off fireworks from 11:30 till 1am! So I didnt get any sleep at all, so planning on going to bed soon. Favourite photo from this week is Brenda at the Sharks Board on Sunday. She is touching the Shark that they dissected. Sorry, it is a bit gruesome. What made me laugh about this, is that when we went in January, she was happy to touch the Shark, but this time she was not keen at all, and really pulled her nose up at it. Obviously she is growing up a bit!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Good and bad news!

The good news is my car is fixed, the bad news is it cost R3000! They told me it may cost R8400 to fix so I guess R3000 is good news too! Some consolation. Had a quiet few days off, trying to save R8400. I made 7 Christmas card, and 1 birthday card yesterday and did a double layout for a challenge today. So I have been quite productive. Also been sorting out photos for Brenda to do a book for Mrs Wright for Christmas. She had better get a move on as there 22 days till the end of the school term! I hooked up with Viv on Facebook too, only to find that he is engaged. Nice that we were informed about it.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Shark Attack!

About a month ago I won free tickets for 4 people to the Sharks Board. Haven't had a chance to use them until today. Went with Brenda, mom and dad. Weather was great fortunately as it has been a bit unreliable over the last few days. They have an excellent video presentation first, and then do the shark dissection, which is a bit gruesome! They are really quite amazing animals, even if they get such a bad press all the time. But all in all had a nice time. After that we went to the Wimpy for supper.

Did the weekly challenge on UKS. It took me ages and was really quite difficult to do the mosaicing, but I am pleased with the end result. Even the bits that Brenda helped with, lol.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Busy day!

Have had 2 very busy days. Yesterday I went to library at school, then went and had breakfast with Shirley at the Mall. After that I went to Andrea's and had tea there. Went to fetch Brenda, took her to Kumon and then to Taylin's for cycling. She always enjoys the cycling so much and has such fun. On the way home, my car overheated and started leaking water. I eventually had to get it towed to Kempster Ford, so am still waiting to hear how much it will cost. Hope it is not too much. Was supposed to go and visit Nancy today at Alberlito, but that put paid to that. After that we went to the Hyper, and then fetched Brenda from tennis. Today was another hectic day. Cricket at Crusaders from 7:30 to9:30, then Nicolas party from 10-12, then Sukhmani's party from 12:15 to 5! Brenda I think is absolutely exhausted now. I hope she goes to sleep early! Got church tomorrow, and then hope to go to the Sharks Board in the afternoon.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is my favourite foto for the week. Brenda and some of the other kids in our street getting ready to go trick or treating! Halloween is not really big in South Africa, and this is the first year that they have done it in our road. So the kids were really excited. I missed the beginning because of work, but got home to find them at the bottom of the road, and walked home with them. I was really worried that noone would give them anything, but they all got given loads of sweets. Brenda went as a witch. I wanted to paint her face green, but she refused outright as she said that she was a good witch. In the end I found out that she was supposed to be Hermine from Harry Potter. She woke up yesterday and told me that she wanted to go again last night! Got a busy day tomorrow, as Brenda has a school cricket match in the morning, then off to Nicolas party, and then off to the movies after that, so should be ready to collapse by the evening. My car broke down on the way home this afternoon and had to be towed to the garage. I just hope it doesnt cost too much!