Saturday, 28 April 2007

Hell on Earth

Having a terrible weekend at work, thank god I only have one day left to go. Unfortunately I agreed to work on Monday night. Will update again hopefully tomorrow night, otherwise on Monday.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

What a day

Had a busy, busy day today. Took Brenda to school in the morning, then I stopped off at the Mall to get some shopping, and get those pictures printed. Just as I was walking out Debbie phoned me to say that they were having a farewell for Nancy at 11. So I went back into the mall and bought a gift, and some snacks. Then came home, wrapped the giftup, cooked the snacks, and went out to the ward. The farewell was nice. I am going to really miss Nancy. Although I didnt work with her that much, I have worked with her for 5 years. She has been in the ward for 10 years, it is a long time to be somewhere! Speaking of that, I have been at Umhlanga for nearly 5 years now. I cant bellieve it has been so long. I will be getting my certificate at the end of year party, whoopie!
Anyway, after the party I popped to the crescent to get sawdust for the hamster. Of course I had to pop into Imagine That, lol. Then went rushing home because Shirley was supposed to come around. Of course, she didnt come. Then I fetched Brenda and took her to swimming and tennis. As I was getting out the car at tennis, my shoe came off and I cut my foot on the accelerator pedal. Only I could do that, lol. It was actually bleeding, and is bloody sore. Dont know how I am going to work tomorrow, as I have a blister under my toe from the shoes that I wore yesterday, and now a cut on top! It will be a long weekend. This evening I have made a card, and played Singstar with Brenda.
Am back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to it, but by this time next week I will be on leave, so I guess I can live with it!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Finally, it has come! The day I have been waiting all month for! I have been very good this month, and paid nearly all my accounts off. I have drawn some money out for the next few days, and wont be spending any more until all my debit orders have come out. Went to Gateway this morning, and paid all my accounts. Tried to get some photos printed, but the machine wasnt working. So then I went to the one at the mall, and found that some person had just put a huge order in and it was taking ages to print, so I just left. Will have to go back tomorrow. Went to Shirleys house for coffee and a chat after that and then came hometo cook supper. Brenda and I made meatloaf which was quite nice. Got a busy day tomorrow as it is tennis and swimming in the afternoon, but hoping to relax in the morning.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I did it!

Shock, horror, I actually woke up at 4:30 this morning and went to Gym. I did 15 minutes on the cycle, then did my weights exercises, had a shower, bought a smoothie and muffin and went to work! I plan on going in again tomorrow morning, and on Thursday. Wont be able to go on the weekend, but will definitely try and go 4 times a week. The amazing thing is, I wasnt too exhausted, and actually managed to cope for the day at work. What shocked me too, I really expected the gym to be empty at that time of the morning, but it was quite full, even though it was still dark! So I am not the only mad one. Tomorrow I have a few cards to make, and thenam going to lunch with Shirley Staveley. I also need to phone Patricia about Brenda's party to organise it. I asked Debbie for leave next month, so I have a week from the 6th to 13th of May. I dont plan on doing anything for that week, just relaxing. I can't wait.

Monday, 23 April 2007

New start

Well today is the new start of my exercise programme. I have been messing around for the last couple of months, so today I have decided to give it my all. I went to Gym this afternoon and did 20 minutes on the treadmill. I wanted to swim, but there were no lanes available, and it was getting late to fetch Brenda from tennis. I plan on setting my alarm clock tomorrow morning, and going before work. Hope that works, as I know that I am very bad at getting out of bed in the morning. But I am determined that I have to lose weight. I am tired of going to things and not being able to participate because of my weight. I would like to have made a big dent in my weight by next summer.
Brenda is busy doing her homework right now. I have just found out that she still has 2 more pages of bonds to do. I dont know what to do with her sometimes. It would be fine if she had come home and done it, but after tennis, she spent a lot of time messing about. Just when I think that she is getting better, she goes and does something like this.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Nice weekend

So far the weekend has been good. Yesterdain the morning it was the funday at Brendas school. As we arrived, it started raining, but fortunately this only went on for a few minutes. I havent been to one of these fun days before as I have always been working before, so I was so glad to get to go. The kids all had a great time, and some of them were covered in mud from head to toe. Brenda seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I was glad to be there and that she enjoyed it because it will be her last one, and next year she wont be with quite a few of these kids. After that she had an earache, so we went home and just relaxed for a few hours. The first photo is withVaistra and the second is with Fezeka. They are a little bit dark, still working on lightening them.

In the afternoon it was Faris's birthday party at Ushaka Beach. First of all we were a little late, but just a few minutes, although we had to virtually run through Village Walk to get there. It was nice and hot by this time, and the kids had a brilliant time. They did lots of races in the sand, also swam in the sea, and did some canoeing. They had lifeguards there looking after them and entertaining them so we hardly saw them. Brenda seemed to enjoy this tool. Patricia Engelen and I have decided to have a combined party for Brenda and Brandon in about 2 weeks time. The only thing is that Brenda wants to have Katia and Nicola and Katie too, so I will have to check with her if that is okay. Brenda is very excited about it. Today we did nothing in the morning, and then went up to Gateway for lunch. I have to work tonight, so I slept in the afternoon, but didnt get a chance to sleep much as the dogs kept barking at the monkeys. Hope I manage to stay awake. Ending off with one of Brenda, Faris, Brittany and Craig.Oops, it went to the top, cant work out how to reposition it.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Locked keys in car

After assembly this morning, I came home and locked my keys in the car while opening the gate. Iphoned the folks, but they were at a meeting. I then managed to find a bucket handle, straighten it and break into my car. Took about 5 minutes, it is a bit scary! Just as I opened the door, of course, the folks arrived in the driveway.
Just relaxed the rest of the morning at home. This afternoon, took Brenda to Kumon, she took ages, so we missed Gym, so we went up to Gateway to Toys 'r Us to get a present for Faris's party tomorrow. Brenda is very excited, but worried about having to surf because of Sharks! I tried to tell her that she wont be surfing out in the deep sea, but she didnt seem to understand! The fun day is in the morning, so we have to be up at the crack of dawn for that. WHy do the schools do that? Your one day to relax and they take it away. After that we have a few hours to relax, and it will be off to the party. I am not sure what I will do while she is at the party, probably just go and have a cup of coffee somewhere. Hope it is not too hot. Got no real plans for SUnday, it will just depend on how much money I have left!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wednesday 18 April

What a day. Once again, being Wednesday we had loads of Daycases. In fact one was still there when I left. This morning was chaos as we had 8 theatre cases. Veronica wasnt there, we had 2 ENs doing them. Then the child with burns had to have a dressing change, so there was hardly any one on the ward! And then one of the doctors wanted us to take the neuro patient to the bath. Fortunately Razia and the OT did that. Then Razia didnt tell me that the feed hadnt been reconnected, so I spent ages during lunchtime trying to flush the tube. The afternoon was much better. We had a huge storm this afternoon, apparently the roads were terrible. Mandy phoned Gill to say she was at the Hypermarket and couldnt see in front of her. I phoned Dad and asked him to fetch Brenda early from aftercare.
Everybody seemed to like my hair and I had lots of compliments, so that was great.
Tomorrow there is no sister working with me. I didn't hear Debbie phoning to book anyone. What really annoys me is that there are quite a lot of patients all with loads of medicines. There are also 4 day cases, and we are doing the full burns dressing in the morning. I dont know what she expects me to do with all the doctors and medicines. I cant take Nancy off the ward to help me with meds because until the burns dressing is finished she is the only staff nurse, and of course Razia is unable to do baths on her own, as then she feels that she is the only one working! So not sure what will happen! I can only pray that it is quieter than today as at least we wont have any daycases

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

New haircut

Finally I got it together and had my hair cut short. I have been trying to grow it on and off for a couple of years, but I decided a couple of months ago that I would get it cut short. Just never got it done. I had a voucher that I was given so I went and had it done today. I think it looks quite good, but no one has really seen me except for mom and Brenda, so not sure what everyone else will say. It also seems quite easy to manage, so that is good. I was a bit worried that the colour would all be cut off and it would be dark, but a lot of the streaks are still showing and the colour is still quite light.
I had to work last night. It was quite exhausting. They only phoned me at 7pm. Apparently they left a message on my answerphone, but I never got it. So I hadnt slept at all. Anyway, I managed it. Came and crashed this morning though until I got woken up by the garden services at about 12:30. Then I went and had my haircut and then fetched Brenda early from aftercare. We went and had lunch at Wimpy, and then came home and played Playstation.
We were supposed to go to Mooi River with mom and dad on Saturday after the school fun day. But now Brenda has been invited to Faris's birthday party at Ushaka beach and she is desperate to go to that. So mom and dad will go up on her own, and I will take her to Ushaka. I hope she enjoys it.
Got some photos from Dayle from the holiday. They are lovely and look like they had a brilliant time. Brenda seemed to enjoy it, and hasnt stopped talking about Mauritius the whole time. I cant seem to upload them on here, but will try and do that soon.

Monday, 16 April 2007


Having a quiet relaxing day today. This morning I sorted out the application forms for Brenda for Glenashley for next year. I took them in and we have an appointment for next Wednesday to see the principal. I cant believe that I am going to send her there. I always said that I wouldnt send her there because of me being unhappy while I was there and all of the trouble with Dayle. But it is where she wants to go and she told me she doesnt like Virginia. I just hope that she is happy there. And that some of her friends go there. I cant believe that she is already going to be in Grade4! This morning I found a whole lot of old papers and sat and read through all the things that were going on when Brenda was a baby. I am so glad that is all over now. I know she misses having a dad, butI know that she is better off without him! This afternoon we are going to go to Gym, and then just relax in the evening.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Shes back

Well, Brenda is home safe and sound. I am so grateful and happy. Of course I was not happy when I saw the mountain of washing and ironing there is to do. I just pray that Rosie comes tomorrow, otherwise I will be very busy over the next few days. She is back to school tomorrow, and I have to phone Colin to organise another script for her Ritalin. I want to try and get it onto chronic, so need to fax it off to medical aid. I hope that I get authorisation for it, as that will be a great help. Hope it is not too difficult to get that. The other thing I hope is that he is back, as the last thing he said to me is that he may take an extra week off. Had a busy day at work today, but the afternoon was quiet as we discharged everybody at lunch time. I doubt I will be working tomorrow night because they already have 3 people on. At least I will get time to spend with B.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Last day

Today is the last day before Brenda gets back. Only 1 more sleep! They are supposed to fly back from Mauritius today and then fly back to Durbs tomorrow. I cant wait to see her. The only problem is that Dayle hasnt even phoned us. We dont know if they are back or not, and if they are back, when they fly in tomorrow. The problem is that mom and dad have a meeting on in the afternoon. It starts at 1:30, the problem is that Dad wants to drop mom at the airport at 12:00 to wait for the flight. We dont even know what time the flight is, she may only arrive at 7pm. Poor mom will have a very long day! I just hope that Brenda is safe and in one one piece.
Otherwise nothing really happened today. Had a long day at work, but only one to go and then I am off for 2, thank goodness.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday the 13th

Despite not being superstitious I had a bad day, mind you that doesnt really say much because iti s always a bad day there! Had 2 kids going for MRI, so we started the whole sedation fun! First one took 6 people to hold him down to put the line in! He at least went to sleep after the Dormicum IVI! The other one we had to abandon the whole procedure. Otherwise I just was really busy for the most of the day. Of course Debbie went off at 1, even when everything was falling apart. It is nice to be a unit manager, never have to do anything but read emails, and go home early! Anyway, I dont think that the weekend will be any better, but at least I have Sunday to look forward to!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Relaxing day today

Had a quiet, relaxing day today. The folks went out to GNLD in the morning, I stayed at home to make some cards. I managed to make all of Marlenes Cards that she ordered, as well as the 2 for the birthday club. Tomorrow I just need to make Razias card that she ordered and then I am done. In the afternoon I went out to Waltons to get more card and then down to Scrapbook Junction. Tomorrow evening is bookclub, I am looking forward to it, especially since I have lost my library card! I have started a new book today that Gill lent me a while ago, cant remember what it is called, but I am enjoying it so far. Also still trying to finish Crossroads of Twilight. Mom and Dad have gone to the movies tonight, so I am at home alone. It has been a while since I have been alone at night! I am enjoying the peace. It is amazing how today seemed to drag without Brenda. Usually she is at aftercare on a Wednesday afternoon, but the day still seems to fly by, but today seemed to go on for a hell of a long time. I have been doing quite well with not spending money. I am quite proud of myself, that I havent really gone mad during this time as I usually do. I am going to try not to do as much shopping as I usually do. I know that I am addicted to shopping, what woman isnt. But I think that sometimes I use it to replace other things in life and that is not a good thing! So, the new me is that I will not go to the shops unless there is something I have to get! I know that I waste so much money every month on stuff that I really dont need, so this is where it stops. I need to save some money to try and pay everything that I can off over the next few months. I cant carry on living like this.
I was supposed to work OT tonight, but it was cancelled. I was quite glad, firstly because I am quite tired, and secondly because it was Nandi and Thandi working, and I didnt fell like putting up with them.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Ward meeting

Well, what a bad meeting we had. I was really upset with the whole thing. First of all, half the ward didnt arrive. The only people who came who werent working were Evashnie, and Mary, who really arent the problems anyway. I guess you cant blame Nqobile as she is away on Maternity Leave! Anyway first of all we had our customary moan/lecture from Debbie. Where she picks out the things we are not doing wrong, then admits that it is partly her fault because she is never around. But then states that she is not prepared to change the way she manages, so really it is just up to us to change everything we do. Then we went around the group. First Razia complained about the milk kitchen and people leaving dirty bottles and sterilon containers in the tea lounge. Then people complained about another couple of things. Then after a while Razia complained that nobody works with her and she has to do all the baths and all the beds and the milk kitchen all on her own and nobody helps her and then if the Intake and Output is not done, it is all Razia's fault! I then asked her if while she was working everyone was sitting around doing nothing. To which she replied yes. I started to then say that in that case she must bring it up at the time rather than making a blanket statement that no one would help her. Debbie just cut me off and started shouting about people helping Razia. We then brought up the fact that the cardexes need doing and that is what people are doing instead. I was then told that actually the sisters are supposed to be doing the cardexes! Which really annoyed me because that means I must do all the medications, all the doctors rounds, answer all the phone calls, put up all the drips, deal with all the problems and still do the cardexes! That means the other 5 staff will only have to do admissions, obs, baths and milk kitchen! I then said that in that case maybe one sister and one staff nurse should do meds, and the other sister and staff nurse do the cardexes. Debbie just said well if that is what works for you, then do it. Which really kind of put me in the spot. I was just very upset that it is all kindof turned back at the sisters because Razia feels hard done by. What about the days when she is sitting around while we are running around frantically admitting, dripping, etc. and she is sitting around doing nothing. You can bet that I will not be leaving it there. I intend to write down all of that from now on, so I can bring it up at the next meeting.Anyway, the rest of the day wasn't too bad as the ward was quiet, but I will not be all friendly to Razia again, and I will definitely be watching out for what she is up to.
This sounds very mean and bitter I know, but I am just fed up with the whole thing. They only bought the care givers in to help us with baths etc. We didnt realise that they would actually take the place of an ENA, which really hinders us, and now she turns around and says that we arent helping her!
Otherwise we had a good day lol, although it doesnt sound like it. The ward is very settled, so I dont think that I will be working overtime tomorrow night. In some ways I hope I do, but in otherways I hope I dont. I feel like I need a break as I am tired, but then I would prefer to spend my night at home! I still havent heard from my baby and I am missing her so much. I know she is okay, but I hope she isnt missing me too much. Only 5 more nights to go!

Monday, 9 April 2007

9 down

Only 6 more nights to go until Brenda gets back. I cant wait. I didnt miss her so much last week, I think because I spoke to her every night, but now that she is in Mauritius I am missing her loads. I am sure that she is having a great time, I know that Dayle will be spoiling her a lot. I hope that the weather has been good for them, and not rainy like it has been here. Had a good day at work today, so I hope that tomorrow is the same, not looking forward to the meeting, but we will have to see what happens. This is a photo taken of Brenda last year at the crocodile farm.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, and none of us went to church. I dont think I have missed church at Easter ever before, excepting if I was working. At least my excuse was that I worked last night. Not sure what mom and dads was! Had a fairly good weekend so far. Thursday was bad at work again, but not nearly as bad as Wednesday, so that is at least something!
On Friday I woke up late, and then had a very relaxing day, writing letters, and sorting stuff out. I was supposed to make some cards, but never got around to it. I did manage to do all of Brendas chores like the hamster and budgie cage. After the state of the hamster cage I have decided she had better buy me a big present in Mauritius. I phoned Brenda in the afternoon and she seemed to be having quite a good time. They went to Gold Reef City on Thursday and she says she went on the Anaconda and hurt her neck. She said she didnt really like all the rides as they were too scary!
Yesterday she phoned me at 5:30 to say that she was on her way to the airport. They flew out at 0900 and that was the last I heard from her. I am a bit annoyed at Dayle as they promised they would phone when they got there, and they havent. So really I have no idea if they are in Mauritius or in the bottom of the Indian Ocean. I guess we would have heard if there was a crash though. In the morning I went to the Essenwood Market with Gill, Darryl and Megan and Jonathan. Didnt land up spending too long there as the weather wasnt great. After that I went and collected my cell-phone. The sad part is that it is still not working properly and I ended up taking it back today. I came home and slept for a bit and then went to work last night. It was just Busi, Marlene and I but we had a good night. Still got 2 of the terrible parents, but I have great hope that they will go home today, so tomorrow should be okay.
This morning I slept for a bit, and then got up and went to the mall. I went to lunch at Maxis with the folks, and then ended up spending way too much in the scrapbook shop! When I came home I finished Marlenes one card, then started my next scrapbook page, and finished Brendas B. Now I am waiting for the glue to dry before I finish my page.
I am feeling a little bad because I havent got Brenda and easter eggs. I hope that Dayle got her some. I just thought that I will not be with her until a week after Easter, and she will be having so much fun in Mauritius so what is the point? I did get her an Easter biscuit making kit, so that may be a consolation.
Not looking forward to work this week. I guess it can only get better. We have got a ward meeting on Tuesday and that should be interesting to see what debbie has to say. I know that I have got a few things to talk about. I think Debbie has planned it badly as it is her first day back after nearly 2 weeks off the ward. I am sure she, Gill and Viloshni have all got loads of things to sort out, as well as the fact that so far there is no second sister, which means that I cant reeally go to the meeting anyway. Hopefully we wont have too many patients though.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Work again

The day started off with 25 patients and of those 8 were day cases, and ended off with 5 admissions in the last 90 minutes. As you can see, not a great day! had lots of drams with beds too, which made things very tense. The other thing was that Debbie has just taked the rest of the week off. I wish I was a UM and could just take days off as and when i feel like it. I am so sick of the shit in that ward.
Had a nice dinner with Ilse last night, went to our usual the Brick Cellar. Hope to see her again in the next few weeks too. I also phoned Brenda again, she is at Seans house with Dayle, and seems to be having a good time. I miss her so much. It isnot so bad in the daytime when I am busy but at night it is really bad. I guess at least she is having fun. Dad posted a parcel to Robyn and her kids today. I hope she gets it! And that it doesnt take too long. The only other news is that apparently Vivian had his appendix out!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Last night I worked overtime. The great thing was that the staff nurse who was supposed to work with us came on duty only to tell us that she had chicken pox and needed to go home. Apparently she has had the spots for 2 days. Why she didnt phone in sick I dont know. Which of course meant that we were short staffed. I wish people would think of their colleagues. I mean if she knew she was sick, why didnt she see the doctor in the beginning and then book off sick in the morning, so we could at least have organised staff. Anyway, at lest we managed to get some help from medical ward a bit later. Have got really irritating parents at the moment. Hope they are discharged sometime soon, but I dont think so.
I came home and slept until about 1:30pm. Since then I have been up to the shops to get an outfit to send to RObyn for her baby, and a couple of other things. Tonight I am going to dinner with Ilse.
I phoned Brenda this afternoon. She seems to be having a good time. She is at home with Beauty today. Yesterday she went to Ravellas house, and tomorrow she is going out with Sean. So she has been quite busy. Dayle has been working. I asked her if she has taken any photos and she said no, but she will. They leave for Mauritius on Saturday.

Sunday, 1 April 2007


Well, today was a much better day. Probably because none of the bosses are there lol. Had a quietish day, but in the afternoon was just Razia, Nonhlanhla and I so we were quite busy. I phoned Brenda this evening and she seems to be having a good time. They went to the Cape Town Fish Market for supper and she told me that Storms favourite sushi is crab salad! I am missing her lots, but looking forward to my first lie in for ages tomorrow morning!