Friday, 10 August 2007

Hobby X

You know what it is like when you look forward to something for so long, and then it isnt as good as you thought it would be? Well, that is what today was like. First of all, just as we were getting ready to leave, Leo and Dudley had a huge fight, and it took mom, dad and me to seperate them! So we are all in the wars. The 2 dogs are fine, but dad was cut on his hand and lip. I have a huge bruise inside my arm, and cuts on my fingers. Mom has hurt her knee and wrist, and Brenda has scratches on her hand! So that was not a good start! The show itself was also a bit disapointing. They didnt have nearly as many scrapbooking and papercraft stores as usual. I did get a few bargains, but didnt get my H20's that I wanted. Anyway, I did get some lovely paper flowers, and brads, so that was good, as well as a nice punch. Will have a try with it all tomorrow.

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Elaine said...

sorry to hear that it was a little disappointing will have to go online shopping instead!