Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mum strikes again!

Okay, I know that I have not been around much lately. And I know that I keep promising to be better, but fail, so I am not going to promise this time! To be honest, nothing much has been happening, excepting for work and school and studying, so I don't really have much to say anyway. I did go down the South Coast the weekend before last for the church weekend, but that is about all the excitement I have had! Anyway, funny thing happened tonight and I once again showed my lack of "cool" . Brenda was asked by a boy to go with him to the school disco. She wants to go shopping for new clothes. Today I was at the shops and saw a lovely pink shirt with silver, glittery writing on and thought it was perfect. I come home bearing the "perfect shirt" Brenda took one look at it and burst out laughing! "But, mommy" she says "why do you want me to go to the disco in pyjamas!" I hadnt even realised that it was pyjamas and not a shirt.  The slogan should have been a giveaway: "Too tired to talk!" Oh well, not sure whether to put it down to age or dementia or both!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Proof that my baby is still an innocent...........

Since Brenda is getting big, she doesn't do or say as many funny  things as she used to. But I did have to laugh this morning. On the way to guitar practice this morning the song Looking in your big brown eyes was playing on the radio. There is a part which goes. Girl I'm gonna make you sweat, sweat till you cant sweat no more, and if you cry I'm gonna push it, push it some more. I can't remember who sings it, but think it may be Bob Marley. Brenda looks at me and asks: "Mommy why is that man so mean?" I asked her what she means and she says: "Well he says: even if you cry I am gonna push it some more!" How do you explain that to a 12 year old? In between laughing nervously  a perfectly calm manner I replied: "Oh, I think he is a gym instructor or something!" Sorry to all gym instructors out there, but I couldn't tell the truth :-)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Skywatch Friday

My photo for skywach this week was taken on Glenashley beach about a week ago. It had been overcast and rainy for the whole day, but on my way home, it cleared up and had these beautiful clouds.Being a good skywatcher :-) I popped down to the beach and took some photos. This was not actually the best one and maybe some of the others will appear another time. But what I loved about this photo was the little seagull that got in the way.Perfect luck.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Skywatch Friday

I will probably not get a chance to post tomorrow, so I am doing this tonight. I will be away this weekend, but will be back to comment on Sunday. This photo was taken last Friday at the airport. It was actually midafternoon, but was so windy and with all the building going on around there and the sand being whipped around it almost looked like dusk. You can see by the level of the sky that it was only late afternoon. Pop over to Skywatch Friday for some more sky photos.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Skywatch Friday

I am doing this tonight since tomorrow may be a very busy day. Brenda is off to Johburg again. I took this photo the other day, I loved the feathery leaves against the sky. For more skywatch photos go here