Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Work again

Had the last 3 days at work. It wasnt too busy, but still it can be very frustrating in that place. For once it isnt the moms that drove me mad, but the staff. Mind you, that is not really anything new. But it just upsets me that some people can get away with doing the bare minimum and chatting to all their friends, family, relatives, etc and not have to do any work. I guess that is lucky. Plus, I think bringing your children to your work place is one thing, but they must realise that htey are not part of the workforce, and need to leave when their are meetings, talks etc. Anyway, I guess that is the advantage of being a um. Otherwise nothing happened really, had a fairly good few days. Apart from one of the staff writing on the patients file: Unable to find pulse! I mean what sort of a moron writes something like that. Honestly, I dont know where they find these staff sometimes. And Debbie insists on calling them back. One day we will all be in jail together.

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