Friday, 4 September 2009

Favourite Foto Friday #65

I missed last week because Brenda was sick and I just didnt get a chance. She had an ear infection and severe sinusitis. She missed all the inner ear infections when she was younger, (has had lots of outer ear infections), but seems to be making up for it now. This was the third one in 6 months. Thankfully she is better now, and played hockey for the first time today and now has a game tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will once again be hectic. Hockey, then tennis, then musical practice. She doesnt do that many activities, but they all seem to be in the third term :-) These photos were taken a few weeks ago at Mini Town in Durban. I always loved it as a child, but havent taken Brenda before. Unfortunately, it was a miserable day but was nice all the same.
With my mom and dad.
I just love this picture, I thought the little tug looked so real!