Tuesday, 12 June 2007


The teachers and nurses have gone on strike as threatened. It has been going on now for 2 weeks. Brendas school closed last Thursday and they have now said they are closed until further notice! She has been having a lovely time, and was very excited. Work has been a bit chaotic as now we are taking state patients as KE8 is closed and so is Alberth Luthuli. Addington has just reopened, but not sure how far they are going. Maternity has been packed with all the caesers!
Tomorrow they are supposed to have a bad day, where they are going to picket all the private hospitals too. They were even toyi-toying outside Crawford. Tomorrow Brenda is goint to have a wart burned off her finger, I hope we dont have any problems goin in. Apparently Checkers in Durban Norht also closed yesterday, not sure why. I hope it is resolved soon as it is even hard to get staff here.

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