Friday, 28 September 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is a picture of Brenda and my parents in our garden. On UKS there was a challenge to have a tea party. When Brenda saw that she decided that she wanted us to do one for my dad whose birthday is next month. Apart from buying the food I had very little input. She laid the table, set it all up, made my dad a card and the crown, and even set a trail of clues through the house for them to find us! My dad loved it, but dont know whether he would love his photo being posted on the internet in a cardboard crown he he!

Otherwise nothing has really happened here this week. Brenda came back yesterday and seems to have had a lovely time, and as usual been really spoiled. I am back to work again on Sunday, but at least the weather has improved for my last couple of days off! The other good thing that happened was that I won free tickets for 4 people for the Sharks Board show, so will be going within the next week hopefully!

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