Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Finally, it has come! The day I have been waiting all month for! I have been very good this month, and paid nearly all my accounts off. I have drawn some money out for the next few days, and wont be spending any more until all my debit orders have come out. Went to Gateway this morning, and paid all my accounts. Tried to get some photos printed, but the machine wasnt working. So then I went to the one at the mall, and found that some person had just put a huge order in and it was taking ages to print, so I just left. Will have to go back tomorrow. Went to Shirleys house for coffee and a chat after that and then came hometo cook supper. Brenda and I made meatloaf which was quite nice. Got a busy day tomorrow as it is tennis and swimming in the afternoon, but hoping to relax in the morning.

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