Saturday, 8 September 2007

Think I may have been mad

To agree to work two nights for Busi this weekend. Now it means I have no weekend off, and how I am going to manage to keep working until Tuesday I really dont know. At least the ward was quiet last night, so that is something. Anyway, at least after Tuesday, I am only working on Friday and then I have 2 weeks off so I will be able to recover. Brenda has Market Dayon 19th September at school, so she is trying to get some stuff made, although there seems to be mainly arguing between her and her partner as to what they are doing. She has gone off to Robyn's house now with some cards, and they are going to make cards, so not sure how that will turn out. It is so difficult, cos you want them to do well, but then you also dont want to take over, and some of the things she comew up with I just cringe inside, lol. Oh well, there is still a week or 2 to go.

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