Thursday, 28 June 2007

I hate.................

mothers! Much as I am a mother myself, I am so sick of their interfering, moaning, complaining ways! I wish that they would just leave us to get on with our jobs and get on with their job of being a mother. Two of our ex patients have been readmitted, and this afternoon the one was sitting complaining to the other of how dreadful we are, how she once fought with me, and just took her child and walked out the hospital. How useless the staff all are here, how we may as well not bother about doing temperatures as we are always inaccurate anyway, and much more in the same vein. What amazed me is that she brings her child back repeatedly anyway, I mean if we are so terrible then what is she doing there? She should take her child elsewhere. The other one of course, had to agree which amused me considering we saved her childs life last year, and she left her child with us for days on end without even visiting, so we cant have been that bad! But, anyway, the joke is on them as it just shows how hypocritical they are!
Otherwise the 2 days werent bad. I managed to do nearly all of the Pen 1s assessments, just got 1 girls baby feed, and the other one has both to do. Now it is time for the next lot!
It is break up day tomorrow, then Brenda has 2 weeks off as if she needs any more time off.
We had Brendas cast put on on Wednesday, so I can breathe now. I was so worried that she was going to break the other arm. This cast has to stay on for 4 weeks, then I hope that is it.

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