Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Short day

Went to work today only to get sent home at 12:00 as Nandi is not coming, and the sister who was supposed to replace her cancelled. Came home, and sat out in the sun with the chicken. It had a lovely time, but I was quite cold. Since I bought it inside it has spent most of its time trying to fly out of the cage! Baby Bop was also outside with me, and she totally ignored it. I found out that Busi is going to do APLS with me as well as a lot of the UM's. Fortunately no doctors, lol. The nice thing about working tonight is that I get tomorrow. I got one of my student assessments done today. Getting through them slowly. I was hoping to do another, but will have to do it later in the month. Going to bed now, and then when I wake up, I hope to sort out some photos for my next page.

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Elaine said...

Hello! I found your blog I will add yours to mine so that I can check back what you have been upto!lol