Thursday, 13 May 2010

Still here

Sorry that I have once again dissapeared off the face of the earth for a bit. Or, should that be more than a bit? Things have been so busy here both at work and at home that I just have not been able to get on here to post much, and to be honest just have not had the motivation to do it. I have periodically been checking up on my blogs that I read though. I see the last time I have done a proper post was in January, so I will give you a brief run-down of what has been happening. That is of course if their is still anyone out there.
Brenda went back to school in January and to be honest she is not having a great year. While she got the teacher she wanted they dont really seem to have clicked and she is not really enjoying the year at all. She always seems to be getting into trouble for petty things but when I talk to the teacher she has glowing reports, so not really sure what is going on. Her report was not bad at all except for Afrikaans and Zulu which were not great!
Work has been really busy and with my company being 21 years old we have been having lots of functions etc which basically means the boss says organise it with no money and we scurry around like worker bees getting it all done! Very stressful, hopefully it is all finished now except for Graduation in July. I went to Johannesburg on a conference for 3 days in March. I missed Brenda but tbh, not as much as I thought it would. It just felt wierd being the one to go away for a change. It was really nice to get to know all the staff from the other campuses and put names to faces. Oh yes, that is what I forgot, the functions arent over, the next one is that we have to organise the next conference which will be here in September!
In amongst all of this, I have been studying too! Did 2 subjects again this semester which I wrote last week. I think the exams went ok, so now I have to sit here waiting for results.
Brenda only has a few weeks left of this term and then she is off for the July holidays, they have an extra long one because of the world cup, so I will probably take a week off to spend some time with her!
Well that is all for now, but I promise to be back sometime soon!