Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Dentist and farewell!

Had a really busy few days. Weekend was very busy, Saturday poured with rain most of the day. We went shopping in the morning, and then Brenda went to Sarah's party in the afternoon. On Sunday we went to church, then went to the Cat and dog exhibition which was lovely, but very full. Went to Spur for lunch on the way home, and by that time I was exhausted! Yesterday was also busy at work, mainly due to lack of trained staff once again! Today I took Brenda to the dentist in the afternoon. She had to have her first filling, and she was so good. I was really proud of her, she didnt cry or complain once! Went to a new dentist as the old one has retired, and she was very sweet and explained everything to Brenda and really made it a nice experience. If you can call a filling a nice experience!
This evening was the Grade 3 Farewell at school. It went off very well, and the kids all did so well. The only bad part was some woman about 3 rows in front of us, who kept standing up and taking photos for most of the songs, so no one else could see anything. I really wished someone behind her would tell her to sit down. If she is so desperate to take hundreds of pics she should stand at the side! What makes her think she has the right to block half the halls view! Anyway, I was very proud of Brenda as their was a timew hen I wondered if she would ever leave this school! Or even if she would ever learn to read or write. But she has really persevered and is doing so well, so I am really proud of her. I will admit to being very close to tears at a couple of points! Only 1 more week of school to go and I still have to sort out teachers presents etc. Not sure how I am going to do it! At least it is payday on Friday and I can go shopping in the afternoon after Kumon.

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