Saturday, 13 October 2007

Art Auction

Brenda's school had their art auction last night as a big fundraiser for the year. Each child did one piece of art which you could buy, and then each class did a large item which each child took part in. Over the last few weeks Brenda has been nagging me to buy her class item. I of course had to break it to her gently that there was no way I would be able to afford to bid against all the wealthy parents in the school! She then asked my sister who said: "Sure, I will come, sure I will buy the table cloth", all the while knowing she would be in Australia this weekend. Then the school came up with the idea of raffling the items, which I thought was just as bad a I never win anything on a raffle. Anyway, went off to the auction last night. Was not planning on staying long because I have not been well, but decided to wait until they did the raffles. I did take a few pics when I arrived so that I could have a record of what they had done. All the childrens art was lovely. They left the raffles for almost last, and ours was about the fourth one. I was so amazed as they pulled the number out, and she shouted out my name! I was so thrilled to have won it. It is such a lovely momento to have of the school, especially since it is her last year there. It is a huge tablecloth divided into squares and each child has drawn and painted an animal and their names are written underneath. Really lovely. Brenda was so excited when I fetched her from Taylin's to have won. Of course, I feel sad for the other kids, but so glad that I got it. A really, really, really good start for the weekend.

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