Friday, 4 May 2007


I have done it, finally seen my first spiderman movie, even if it was no 3! Went to the function this evening. Brenda came with, and although I was scared she wouldnt enjoy it, she loved it. I thought she might have been a bit scared, but I should have known better. The nice thing was, I saw quite a few people that I know from Entabeni. Tracy Boetger and Karen Wheeler, Nan Boome, Nalini and Robin Chapman, as well as another girl whose name I cant remember. I know it will come to me sometime.
Otherwise, just had a quiet day, went to assembly in the morning, then came home and slept. This afternoon I took Brenda to Kumon, then we went to Priscilla's house to plan the party. We are going ahead with next Friday at the Spur, hopefully. Got to phone tomorrow and try and book. Tomorrow I am meeting Sharon in the morning for breakfast, then Sunday is the Sunday School picnic. So going to be quite a busy weekend. Also got to make 3 cards for an order.

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