Friday, 29 August 2008

Favourite Foto Friday # 42

The theme for FFF this week is Black and White. I dont have many black and white pics, so changed two of my favourite pics!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Never, ever, ever .................

Mix baking soda and self raising flour. And if you do, when you notice it overflowing the bowl, turn the oven off and call somebody immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Didn't get any decent pics cos it was too dark, but tonight Brenda decided to make chocolate pudding. She didnt realise that you didnt need baking powder with self raising flour. Of course it overflowed the dish and rain all over the oven! When I found it, it was actually oozing through the doors like something from a horror movie! Brenda had realised about 15 minutes before, but thought it would be okay, so she left the oven on! Now off to clean it up, I may never be able to leave the kitchen again!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Favourite Foto Friday #41

I hope thi works because I have been trying ages. FFF for this week is Furry Friends. I didn't think I had any of Brenda with a stuffed toy on here, until I went over to Christina's blog and saw her girls, wehn I remembered Brendas birthday trip to Buddy Bear. She chose a cat called "Sarah" who has now become quite the traveller as she goes away everytime Brenda does, and will probably even go to Mauritius at the end of September!

This is what has been happening this week. Brenda had a pirate day at school, and they had to dress up as pirates and bring pirate food!

And here is a picture from the Hockey Tournament tonight. Spent 3 hours watching Hockey in the dark this evening. Luckily it wasnt cold at all!

Edited to add: Pirate food for Brenda was:
Sea Water - Blue energade
SKulls - bought sweets in the shape of skulls
Sword - banana
treasure - chocolate coins
and Brendas contribution (she made it herself)
Rotten Bread - white bread with splodges of green food colouring
Sharks blood and gizzards - mayonaise mixed with ketchup (she actually had no idea what gizzards were, but said it sounded good)
and turtle liver - sliced hotdog sausages.
Let me tell you, that sandwich looked terrible, but she ate it, and even used it in the oral she had to do!

And for those of you who may have to do something like this in the future, some other suggestions from the teachers were -
fishermans loaf - anything rectangular eg. sausage roll, banana loaf etc
pirate fingers - sausages, finger biscuits
cannon balls - anything round eg. meatballs
maggots - sour worms
One childs mother even sent in a full treasure chest cake!
They had an amazing time.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Favourite Foto Friday # 40

Todays theme for FFF is Back to School. Since we are in the middle of the school year here and I am starting to long for the summer holidays, I decided to do a few of the school year so far. I couldnt find the pics of last months sports day, so otherwise, here it is.
First day are of the first day of school. It was her first day at this school and she looked so grown up, but looking back I can see how much she has grown this year.

The next three are the school gala. Although in summer, it was quite an overcast, cool day, and she just looked cold and miserable, although she took the swimming very seriously.

Mothers day concert.

Netball match. (very early on a Satuday morning)

This is my mums school photo taken when she was about 5. I found it the other day, so scanned it in. My mum is the 2nd from the left with the bow in her hair, in the front row, and my aunt is also the 2nd child from the left, but in the 2nd row. This was their entire school! There were only 2 kids in my mums class and she always came 2nd in class, which we tease her about constantly!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Favourite Foto Friday #39

Well, once again things have been hectic. We have been out at all the different hospitals this week, and have hardly had a chance to breathe.! I am also frantically preparing for the next week, which is why I am late with this!
This weeks FFF is having a ball. I haven't taken any pictures for a few weeks, so have gone back to January, and Brenda on the trampoline at Spur.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Favourite Foto Friday #38

I can't believe that I have hardly even looked on here since last week. I have been so busy plus have had flu and feeling really miserable, but the weekend is upon us again, so things can only improve for here. Brenda flew to Johburg this afternoon so am on my own for the weekend. The only hitch was that she flew 1time airline and they dont normally take unaccompanied minors, although it had been authorised, so we didnt know until the last minute if she would get on. But in the end she did, and the staff were great and she went off without a care in the world. Didn't even wave goodbye!
She has also gone back to guitar, after half a year of refusing to practice, and throwing a major wobblywhen I booked her in, she went backed and loved it, so hopefully it will last. Work has been busy, and I started today as a lecturer, instead of doing practicals I will now be mainly do theory. At the momet though, we re going around to all the hospitals doing practical exams, so that is keeping me very busy.
FFF this week is Crazy hair, so had to go and dig these out.The first one is in Grade 1. They had a funky hair day for charity, so we died Brendas hair blue and put braids in it. I am not sure why she looks so cross in this photo!

This one is her school photo in Grade 2, and she forgot to brush her hair before the pictures, so it is standing up!

This one is not really crazy hair,but is her class photo taken on the same day. Can you see all the children with tidy hair standing smartly with their hands behind their backs? Can you see the one with wild hair standing with her hands in the front? Well, that is my daughter!

And lastly, this is actually one of my favourite photos of Brenda. ONce again they had a crazy hair day at school, and we died her hair. I just love how blue it makes her eyes look!

If you would like to see more gorgeous kiddos with their crazy hair, go on over to Sarah's blog!