Monday, 30 July 2007

Winter in Durban

Durban has to have one of the best winter climates in the world. Hard to believe that the entire weekend was hot and sunny! Some people dont even have that in summer. Even tonight when I came home from work, I didnt even wear a jersey. Not many places that have weather like that.
I worked Friday night, and then Saturday went and had lunch with Ilse, it was great to see her again, I havent seen her for about 2 months. In the afternoon I came home and finished off my next Scrapbook page. Yesterday we went to Timothy's birthday party at Mitchell Park. I havent been for ages, but it was a lovely day and the kids had a ball playing on the swings. After that it was gym, and then came home to study APLS. I got on quite well, but it was quite difficult as Brenda was sitting next to me doing her project, and she kept disturbing me. She has to hand it in on 6 AUgust, but has only done the rough. I am not sure when she is planning on doing it as I am working next weekend! Got my long week this week, I hope it is not too busy.

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