Wednesday, 2 May 2007

So long

Wow, I cant believe it has been so long since I signed in here. The weekend was terrible at work. Sunday wasnt too bad, but Saturday was the worst ever. I worked Monday night, but that was quite a nice night, so cant really complain. On Monday Brenda and I had a relaxing day. I took her to the mall with me, and she gave me such a fright at the end. I left her to do the parking ticket and told her I would meet her at the CNA. She went to Edgars instead. I started searching for her, and couldnt find her anywhere. I got such a fright, I really thought she had been kidnapped. Anyway, fortunately she came down the escalator, and I found her at that point. I was so relieved. Then I went home and slept for a bit, since I had to work that night. I then got up and met Brenda at Gym. Tuesday I slept for a bit, and then got up, went to the Hyper with Brenda and then to gym after that. I also got up early for work this morning, and went to gym. I am quite impressed with myself, that is 5 times in 2 weeks! I am going to try and go at least every 2nd day while I am on leave.
Friday night we have been invited to a talk by Rocephin, and then there is a pre-screening of Spiderman 3. Initially I was told that it is not for kids, but the rep came today and said it is fine to bring children, so Brenda will be coming with me, she is very excited.
This afternoon it was her interview at Glenashley, I was so proud of her, she spoke so well and confidently, answered all the questions, and chatted nicely. It seems like she wants to go there next year, and she really seemed to like Mr. King. I of course, forgot my check book, so I couldnt pay the R200, they will think I am very bad before I even start there! Hope it doesnt go down on my record!

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