Sunday, 17 June 2007

Friends funny

How do I know when my daughter is a bit confused and watches too much TV?
This morning, I gave dad a long sleeved shirt for Fathers day. He came out wearing it and a pair of smart pants, and I told him it would be better to wear it with Jeans. Brenda looked shocked and said:
"But I've never seen a Grandpa in jeans before!"
Brenda:"Oh but Joey wears jeans!"
Mom: "Who is Joey?" (thinking maybe Nicola's grandfather as she was there yesterday"

Brenda: "You know! Joey Treviani, from friends, Dr. Drake Ramores from Days of our lives!"

After I had stopped laughing I realised, that she watches Friends far too much, and secondly that her idea of ages is very skewed. I wonder what Matt Le Blanc would think if he knew he looked like a grandfather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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