Friday, 23 November 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

Can't believe that it is Friday again. It is amazing how the weeks have just flown! Once you hit October the time just seems to go by so quickly, and the year is over before you know it.
This is a photo of Brenda on Monday at the Grade 3 Farewell after she had got her certificates. This was a week of Farewells as they had Grade 3 Farewell on Tuesday and then a Farewell assembly today for the 3 teachers who are leaving at the end of the year. We also had a tea at school today for all the moms who help out at the school. It was quite wierd to be there knowing that it was probably the last time I would see most of them. Went and bought Brendas new uniform yesterday, she just looked so grown up! Cant believe she will be 10 in 6 weeks!


Sarah said...

Brenda looks so proud! What a beautiful girl!


Leigh Russell said...

She is lovely. Moving on is always sad as well as exciting. I've probably said it before, along with the rest of the world, but enjoy your daughter's childhood with her. It flies by. Take care, both of you.