Saturday, 3 November 2007

Busy day!

Have had 2 very busy days. Yesterday I went to library at school, then went and had breakfast with Shirley at the Mall. After that I went to Andrea's and had tea there. Went to fetch Brenda, took her to Kumon and then to Taylin's for cycling. She always enjoys the cycling so much and has such fun. On the way home, my car overheated and started leaking water. I eventually had to get it towed to Kempster Ford, so am still waiting to hear how much it will cost. Hope it is not too much. Was supposed to go and visit Nancy today at Alberlito, but that put paid to that. After that we went to the Hyper, and then fetched Brenda from tennis. Today was another hectic day. Cricket at Crusaders from 7:30 to9:30, then Nicolas party from 10-12, then Sukhmani's party from 12:15 to 5! Brenda I think is absolutely exhausted now. I hope she goes to sleep early! Got church tomorrow, and then hope to go to the Sharks Board in the afternoon.

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