Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Work again

The day started off with 25 patients and of those 8 were day cases, and ended off with 5 admissions in the last 90 minutes. As you can see, not a great day! had lots of drams with beds too, which made things very tense. The other thing was that Debbie has just taked the rest of the week off. I wish I was a UM and could just take days off as and when i feel like it. I am so sick of the shit in that ward.
Had a nice dinner with Ilse last night, went to our usual the Brick Cellar. Hope to see her again in the next few weeks too. I also phoned Brenda again, she is at Seans house with Dayle, and seems to be having a good time. I miss her so much. It isnot so bad in the daytime when I am busy but at night it is really bad. I guess at least she is having fun. Dad posted a parcel to Robyn and her kids today. I hope she gets it! And that it doesnt take too long. The only other news is that apparently Vivian had his appendix out!

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