Sunday, 22 April 2007

Nice weekend

So far the weekend has been good. Yesterdain the morning it was the funday at Brendas school. As we arrived, it started raining, but fortunately this only went on for a few minutes. I havent been to one of these fun days before as I have always been working before, so I was so glad to get to go. The kids all had a great time, and some of them were covered in mud from head to toe. Brenda seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I was glad to be there and that she enjoyed it because it will be her last one, and next year she wont be with quite a few of these kids. After that she had an earache, so we went home and just relaxed for a few hours. The first photo is withVaistra and the second is with Fezeka. They are a little bit dark, still working on lightening them.

In the afternoon it was Faris's birthday party at Ushaka Beach. First of all we were a little late, but just a few minutes, although we had to virtually run through Village Walk to get there. It was nice and hot by this time, and the kids had a brilliant time. They did lots of races in the sand, also swam in the sea, and did some canoeing. They had lifeguards there looking after them and entertaining them so we hardly saw them. Brenda seemed to enjoy this tool. Patricia Engelen and I have decided to have a combined party for Brenda and Brandon in about 2 weeks time. The only thing is that Brenda wants to have Katia and Nicola and Katie too, so I will have to check with her if that is okay. Brenda is very excited about it. Today we did nothing in the morning, and then went up to Gateway for lunch. I have to work tonight, so I slept in the afternoon, but didnt get a chance to sleep much as the dogs kept barking at the monkeys. Hope I manage to stay awake. Ending off with one of Brenda, Faris, Brittany and Craig.Oops, it went to the top, cant work out how to reposition it.

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