Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Last night I worked overtime. The great thing was that the staff nurse who was supposed to work with us came on duty only to tell us that she had chicken pox and needed to go home. Apparently she has had the spots for 2 days. Why she didnt phone in sick I dont know. Which of course meant that we were short staffed. I wish people would think of their colleagues. I mean if she knew she was sick, why didnt she see the doctor in the beginning and then book off sick in the morning, so we could at least have organised staff. Anyway, at lest we managed to get some help from medical ward a bit later. Have got really irritating parents at the moment. Hope they are discharged sometime soon, but I dont think so.
I came home and slept until about 1:30pm. Since then I have been up to the shops to get an outfit to send to RObyn for her baby, and a couple of other things. Tonight I am going to dinner with Ilse.
I phoned Brenda this afternoon. She seems to be having a good time. She is at home with Beauty today. Yesterday she went to Ravellas house, and tomorrow she is going out with Sean. So she has been quite busy. Dayle has been working. I asked her if she has taken any photos and she said no, but she will. They leave for Mauritius on Saturday.

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