Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Relaxing day today

Had a quiet, relaxing day today. The folks went out to GNLD in the morning, I stayed at home to make some cards. I managed to make all of Marlenes Cards that she ordered, as well as the 2 for the birthday club. Tomorrow I just need to make Razias card that she ordered and then I am done. In the afternoon I went out to Waltons to get more card and then down to Scrapbook Junction. Tomorrow evening is bookclub, I am looking forward to it, especially since I have lost my library card! I have started a new book today that Gill lent me a while ago, cant remember what it is called, but I am enjoying it so far. Also still trying to finish Crossroads of Twilight. Mom and Dad have gone to the movies tonight, so I am at home alone. It has been a while since I have been alone at night! I am enjoying the peace. It is amazing how today seemed to drag without Brenda. Usually she is at aftercare on a Wednesday afternoon, but the day still seems to fly by, but today seemed to go on for a hell of a long time. I have been doing quite well with not spending money. I am quite proud of myself, that I havent really gone mad during this time as I usually do. I am going to try not to do as much shopping as I usually do. I know that I am addicted to shopping, what woman isnt. But I think that sometimes I use it to replace other things in life and that is not a good thing! So, the new me is that I will not go to the shops unless there is something I have to get! I know that I waste so much money every month on stuff that I really dont need, so this is where it stops. I need to save some money to try and pay everything that I can off over the next few months. I cant carry on living like this.
I was supposed to work OT tonight, but it was cancelled. I was quite glad, firstly because I am quite tired, and secondly because it was Nandi and Thandi working, and I didnt fell like putting up with them.

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