Monday, 16 April 2007


Having a quiet relaxing day today. This morning I sorted out the application forms for Brenda for Glenashley for next year. I took them in and we have an appointment for next Wednesday to see the principal. I cant believe that I am going to send her there. I always said that I wouldnt send her there because of me being unhappy while I was there and all of the trouble with Dayle. But it is where she wants to go and she told me she doesnt like Virginia. I just hope that she is happy there. And that some of her friends go there. I cant believe that she is already going to be in Grade4! This morning I found a whole lot of old papers and sat and read through all the things that were going on when Brenda was a baby. I am so glad that is all over now. I know she misses having a dad, butI know that she is better off without him! This afternoon we are going to go to Gym, and then just relax in the evening.

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