Friday, 20 April 2007

Locked keys in car

After assembly this morning, I came home and locked my keys in the car while opening the gate. Iphoned the folks, but they were at a meeting. I then managed to find a bucket handle, straighten it and break into my car. Took about 5 minutes, it is a bit scary! Just as I opened the door, of course, the folks arrived in the driveway.
Just relaxed the rest of the morning at home. This afternoon, took Brenda to Kumon, she took ages, so we missed Gym, so we went up to Gateway to Toys 'r Us to get a present for Faris's party tomorrow. Brenda is very excited, but worried about having to surf because of Sharks! I tried to tell her that she wont be surfing out in the deep sea, but she didnt seem to understand! The fun day is in the morning, so we have to be up at the crack of dawn for that. WHy do the schools do that? Your one day to relax and they take it away. After that we have a few hours to relax, and it will be off to the party. I am not sure what I will do while she is at the party, probably just go and have a cup of coffee somewhere. Hope it is not too hot. Got no real plans for SUnday, it will just depend on how much money I have left!

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