Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Ward meeting

Well, what a bad meeting we had. I was really upset with the whole thing. First of all, half the ward didnt arrive. The only people who came who werent working were Evashnie, and Mary, who really arent the problems anyway. I guess you cant blame Nqobile as she is away on Maternity Leave! Anyway first of all we had our customary moan/lecture from Debbie. Where she picks out the things we are not doing wrong, then admits that it is partly her fault because she is never around. But then states that she is not prepared to change the way she manages, so really it is just up to us to change everything we do. Then we went around the group. First Razia complained about the milk kitchen and people leaving dirty bottles and sterilon containers in the tea lounge. Then people complained about another couple of things. Then after a while Razia complained that nobody works with her and she has to do all the baths and all the beds and the milk kitchen all on her own and nobody helps her and then if the Intake and Output is not done, it is all Razia's fault! I then asked her if while she was working everyone was sitting around doing nothing. To which she replied yes. I started to then say that in that case she must bring it up at the time rather than making a blanket statement that no one would help her. Debbie just cut me off and started shouting about people helping Razia. We then brought up the fact that the cardexes need doing and that is what people are doing instead. I was then told that actually the sisters are supposed to be doing the cardexes! Which really annoyed me because that means I must do all the medications, all the doctors rounds, answer all the phone calls, put up all the drips, deal with all the problems and still do the cardexes! That means the other 5 staff will only have to do admissions, obs, baths and milk kitchen! I then said that in that case maybe one sister and one staff nurse should do meds, and the other sister and staff nurse do the cardexes. Debbie just said well if that is what works for you, then do it. Which really kind of put me in the spot. I was just very upset that it is all kindof turned back at the sisters because Razia feels hard done by. What about the days when she is sitting around while we are running around frantically admitting, dripping, etc. and she is sitting around doing nothing. You can bet that I will not be leaving it there. I intend to write down all of that from now on, so I can bring it up at the next meeting.Anyway, the rest of the day wasn't too bad as the ward was quiet, but I will not be all friendly to Razia again, and I will definitely be watching out for what she is up to.
This sounds very mean and bitter I know, but I am just fed up with the whole thing. They only bought the care givers in to help us with baths etc. We didnt realise that they would actually take the place of an ENA, which really hinders us, and now she turns around and says that we arent helping her!
Otherwise we had a good day lol, although it doesnt sound like it. The ward is very settled, so I dont think that I will be working overtime tomorrow night. In some ways I hope I do, but in otherways I hope I dont. I feel like I need a break as I am tired, but then I would prefer to spend my night at home! I still havent heard from my baby and I am missing her so much. I know she is okay, but I hope she isnt missing me too much. Only 5 more nights to go!

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