Sunday, 15 April 2007

Shes back

Well, Brenda is home safe and sound. I am so grateful and happy. Of course I was not happy when I saw the mountain of washing and ironing there is to do. I just pray that Rosie comes tomorrow, otherwise I will be very busy over the next few days. She is back to school tomorrow, and I have to phone Colin to organise another script for her Ritalin. I want to try and get it onto chronic, so need to fax it off to medical aid. I hope that I get authorisation for it, as that will be a great help. Hope it is not too difficult to get that. The other thing I hope is that he is back, as the last thing he said to me is that he may take an extra week off. Had a busy day at work today, but the afternoon was quiet as we discharged everybody at lunch time. I doubt I will be working tomorrow night because they already have 3 people on. At least I will get time to spend with B.

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